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Sell with strength

When life gives you Oranges, act boldly and make Mimosas!

Sell, service, and market for success with the easy-to-use CRM and Marketing solution trusted by millions, and backed by Keystroke - your partners in business growth.

Act! Growth Suite is the CRM & marketing platform designed for small business success

Swiftpage's new Act! Growth Suite combines the power of CRM, Marketing Automation, and technical support to deliver the best business growth solution anywhere. Built for small businesses, Act! provides the ultimate toolset to build relationships, convert sales, be accountable, maximize engagement, and drive business growth. Online or on-premise, Act! is everywhere you are.   
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Keystroke Success Commitment

As part of your Act! Growth Suite subscription, Keystroke will support your success with an hour of FREE one-to-one Marketing Automation training, bundle our exclusive Opt-in Manager at no cost to help optimize & verify your distribution list, and then provide FREE ongoing monthly classroom Act! training to ensure you and your team get the most from your CRM investment.

Customer & Calendar Management

Keep rich contact details, emails, documents, notes, history, activities, and more in one easy to find place, the Act! contact record, for a complete view of your customer relationships. 
Act! also boasts one of the most powerful and flexible calendars of any CRM, with support for individual and team activities, with recurring activities, resource management, task list, activity prioritization, Outlook syncing, timeless activities, follow-ups, and more.
Growth Made Easy

Key features: Contact Management; Groups & Companies; Activity Tracking & Alerts; Custom Tables

Dynamic Sales Pipeline Management

Manage your sales process more intelligently with new dynamic pipeline management tools that help you close more deals faster. Track products or services, status, days open, probability-of-close, documents, and more with every sales opportunity. See a complete visual representation of your sales pipeline to more accurately project revenue, and adjust your strategy with drag-n-drop ease. In-context KPIs help you understand the health of your sales pipeline at-a-glance, so you can make better, more informed decisions.
Take Sales & Marketing to New Heights

Key features: Opportunity Tracking; Sales Process Automation; Sales Pipeline Management; In-context KPIs

Powerful New Marketing Automation

Optimize all the ways you communicate with prospects and customers with Act! Marketing Automation to maximize engagement and drive business growth. Engage prospects and customers with response-driven nurture marketing campaigns—all sent to targeted lists in Act! automatically using criteria and triggers you define. Watch as Act! Marketing Automation turns real-time response metrics into sales actions—alerting you of new prospects, prioritizing follow-ups, and delivering a composite view of customer engagement in a single solutions.
Act! Marketing Automation Video

Key features: Campaign Management; Template Editor; Lead Management; CRM Workflow; Response Metrics

Actionable Business Insights

See dynamic, visual snapshots of real-time metrics with interactive, graphical Act! Insight dashboards covering individual, team, and business performance. Monitor sales, marketing, and business health KPIs for smarter decision-making. Customer Interactions dashboards provide detail on activities by rep and marketing effectiveness. Dig deeper with one of 50+ preconfigured reports or create custom reports with the report designer. Export reports to Excel or PDF for easy sharing with your team.
What's New in Act! v21

Key features: Act! Insight Dashboards; Custom Dashboards; 50+ Reports; Custom Reports

Act! Connect

Connect with hundreds of popular apps that extend the power and reach of Act!. Get started with a few simple steps, then watch as Act! Connect automatically moves info between Act! and the apps of your choice. Zapier allows you to instantly connect Act! Premium with 1,400+ apps to automate your work and find productivity super powers.
Act! Connect & Connect Link is one of many subscriber exclusive benefits.

What is Act! Connect?

Key features: eCommerce, Business Productivity, Sales & Marketing, Social Media, Customer Service, and Back-Office connections

Dozens of subscriber-exclusive product enhancements

Enjoy dozens of subscriber-exclusive product enhancements that make Act! even better! Experience improvements to Custom Tables that allow you to quickly assign records and expand list views; plus perform advanced queries and mail merges, manage cascading dropdowns, and specify default columns via the web client.
Additional enhancements include the option to attach inbound Outlook® emails to Act! history automatically, intelligent update notifications for offline clients, the option to manage activity types via the web client, enhanced security both within the Windows application and Act! Premium Cloud (SOC2 compliance), and much more!
Act! at a glance

Key features: Custom Tables; Security; Outlook Integration; Act! History; Improved Web client


Project Management

Act! Hosting

Request Follow Up

Web Hosting


Ken Quigley
KQC President & Founder
Our Keystroke mission statement is simple...

To inspire & support our client's ongoing success through quality software solutions.


Actcelerate your CRM Success with Keystroke Add-ons

Whether you need enhanced reporting, integrated project management, industry verticals, automation, or emarketing, experience has taught us that customers who "Actcessorize", get more out of Act!. This is why we produce more add-ons for more purposes and for more people than most other vendors combined. With over one hundred add-ons to support both Act! for Web and Windows, we have a solution to "Actcellerate” your CRM success faster, easier, and for less. Call our Act! Success team at 1-833-ACT-BOLD to learn more.
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Want to browse all our industry leading Actcessories? SEE ALL OUR PRODUCTS
Outlook Integration

Dream Big, Plan Well,
Act! Boldly

with the Keystroke Success team

We Measure Our Success by Yours

With over thirty full-time staff spread across the world, 50+ Act! Consultants under our management, and over 100+ add-on products, Keystroke has the resources & expertise to scope, build, and deliver a success solution tailor made for your business's unique needs.  Your success journey begins with 1-833-ACT-BOLD, or email
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Customer Success Stories

At Keystroke, our mission statement is to "inspire and support our clients ongoing success through quality software solutions". To that end, we believe your success is an expression of our own, so it's always gratifying when you take the time to tell us how we did. Over the last twenty-five years we've received a lot of grateful emails and written testimonials, and while they're all appreciated, here are few of our favourites...

Who we are?

Specializing in CRM software for small to medium sized businesses, through expert counsel, deployment, hosting, support, and development services.

Delivering fruitful CRM solutions since 1994, Keystroke is the #1 Act! Reseller in the World and Master Act! Distributor for Canada.

Contact Keystroke

Get in Touch

Toronto   500 Gordon Baker Rd. Toronto, ON, M2H 3B4
Toll Free : 800.857.0558
Office : 416.499.3090
Fax : 416.499.1090

Kitchener   250 Woolwich St. S. Breslau, ON N0B 1M0
Toll Free : 800.939.4737 Ext. 1
Office : 519.579.1408

Montreal   2030 Pie-IX, Local 202  Montréal, QC, H1V 2C8
Toll Free : 888.880.0449
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Monday to Friday: 9AM to 8PM EST
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