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Important Act!
Licensing Notice

Protexis Licensing Alert
The embedded 3rd party licensing service used on all versions of Act! from v2005 to v20, namely "Protexis", has officially stopped working as of March 14th. If you’re using Act! v17 or older, you will need to upgrade to guarantee continued access to your Act! database. Click HERE for more details. If you’re using Act! v18 or newer, free licensing patches are available HERE, which will update your application to the new Act! licensing system.


Recently it was announced by Swiftpage that the embedded third-party software component of Act! that facilitates the licensing services is being discontinued by the manufacturer at the end of 2018. Swiftpage already have a solution however it will require an update to your Act! installation prior to 31st December 2018 to avoid any interruption to your service.

The simplest way to avoid any issues is to upgrade to the latest version prior to the end of the year. Act! v21 was released in early November and provides support for current Windows platforms, Office 2019, and some fantastic new features.

Due to reliability issues experienced this year with the Protexis licensing service, which has been used by Swiftpage (and Sage before them) since 2005, Swiftpage had already started the planning process to upgrade their licensing system by the end of second quarter, 2019. Unfortunately, these plans became accelerated when the company that operates the Protexis license service made the decision to shut it down, and then gave Swiftpage (along with many other software companies using this service) to discontinue it's use, forthwith. As the plans were already underway to switch, Swiftpage was able to move quickly to implement a near seamless alternative licensing system to ensure that Act! users can continue to reap the benefits of their CRM without disruption.
Whilst there may be upgrade costs involved for customers on older versions,  the new Act! v21 will provide many new features and productivity enhancements that will undoubtedly improve their team's productivity and save money in the future. To ease the costs of upgrading, we are offering our customers a 33% discount of the subscription cost until December 30th, 2018. Find out more

Who is affected by the license changes?

Everyone who uses Act! will be affected in some way as current Act! Licence number will no longer be able to access the registration server after it is shut down by the service provider on 31st December 2018.
The good news is that if you are using v18 and above, Swiftpage will be providing a free patch that will update your Act! installation to the new licence service. For Act! users on V17 and below, your version is unsupported and you will need to upgrade. Please see your version below for the steps that you need to take to avoid disruption to your service.
Act! Subscribers (Using versions v19, v20, or v21)

Users with a current Act! subscription will receive the newly released Act! v21. Act! v21 will include the necessary new licensing component and will be availble for download after 20th November 2018. It is recommended that you upgrade to Act! v21.

Users on a supported version (i.e v19 and v20) will have access to an update that will need to be applied to your current version should you decide not to upgrade to v21.

In order to ensure uninterrupted access to Act!, you must install the update/upgrade before December 31, 2018. Please contact us at 1-833-ACT-BOLD or [email protected] if you require assistance.

Update Release Schedule

Act! v21.0 – 20th November 2018 (now available)
Act! v20.1 Update 8 – December 6th, 2018
Act! v19.2 Update 5 – December 20th, 2018

- Download Act! v21
- Knowledge Base Article

When will my update be available?

If you're version is eligible, the important thing to note is Swiftpage has in most cases only provided on licensing patch per release. The only exception to this was Act! v20.0, where some users elected to not update to 20.1 in order to maintain their compatibility with Office 2010. Swiftpage has in this case provided a patch for both 20.0 and 20.1.
For users of the Canadian French version of 19.1, where a 19.2 patch was not delivered, those users will receive a free patch to 20.0.

For a complete list of patch delivery dates and the versions required to be updated to, please click HERE.

How do I get the update?

By turning on Act! Notifications (in the Help menu), you will be automatically notified when the update is available. Alternatively, you can check back on this page as the updates will be posted here when they become available.  Please note that this software update will be made available to you at no charge however any services required to assist you with the upgrade will be charged on a fee for service basis.

What happens if the update is not applied to Act! prior to 31st December 2018?

As of January 1, 2019, certain common actions you may take that interact with the licensing component will cause Act! to fail and you will no longer be able to access your database. Examples of these common actions include attempting to install Act! on new hardware, modifying existing hardware, and modifying your user count. Please check above to see what action is required for your version. For an expanded list of actions, click here

Factors to consider when upgrading Act!

When upgrading any software, it's important to take a bit of time to consider the impact it may have on your business. With Act!, you should check the Act! v21 System Requirements to ensure compatibility with your other office software/hardware. For example, Act! v21 no longer supports Microsoft Office 2010. Also, if you have AddOns or Custom Programming, check with the provider to ensure compatibility. 

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