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Keystroke Dash 11.x

Keystroke Dash is the easy-to-use real-time dashboard reporting tool for Act! that is powerful and highly flexible. The new v11 has been completely rewritten for better performance, improved query builder, and pop-out Dash with auto-refresh. New Feature list: Rewritten from VB to C#. Faster and ...Read more
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Keystroke Dash 11.x

Keystroke Dash is the easy-to-use real-time dashboard reporting tool for Act! that is powerful and highly flexible. The new v11 has been completely rewritten for better performance, improved query builder, and pop-out Dash with auto-refresh.

New Feature list:

  • Rewritten from VB to C#. Faster and better memory management.
  • Dash data can now be viewed in a separate window from Act, allowing for simultaneous Dash and Act! access. 
  • No longer uses the problematic OLEDB Views, instead uses the standard SQL tables
  • Email a single dash report directly from that panel.
  • Activities/Contacts that were broken by Act several versions ago, now work correctly
  • Query Builder - The opportunity Status field can now be queried.
  • Field selection in Query Builder now has Double Arrows, allowing users to move all fields from all entities at once.
  • Query Builder now has dropdowns for open and close parenthesis.
  • Printing to Excel now supports XLSX format, rather than just CSV format.
  • Query Builder - Add and Delete buttons, for easier adding and deleting of query rows.
  • All new icons across the program to modernize UI

Choose from Personal or Manager editions to view data for yourself or for all of your Act! users on one screen within the Act! application.

Dash Personal allows you to view and analyze your own performance of key performance indicators (KPIs), activities, histories, products, notes, and opportunities.

Dash centralizes all key sales information in one view. Manage ACT! interactively, analyze sales activities and results from a single customizable view, and share powerful reports.


Prioritize sales activities. Assess sales performance. Predict sales results.

Work effectively

  • Centralize and organize all key activities, opportunities, histories, notes, custom tables, companies, and contacts in one view.
  • Manage your database - realign territories and reschedule multiple activities or opportunities at once.
  • Communicate faster by emailing one or more histories directly from the dashboard.
  • Create follow-up activities from your pipeline list.

Analyze insightfully

  • Compare, analyze and drill down on activities, histories, opportunities, custom tables, products and queries or graphs.
  • Monitor and quantify sales performance with key performance indicator (KPI) statistics. Calculate sum and average.
  • Create advanced KPIs off almost any field in your Act! database including custom fields. (Act! v16+)
  • Easily create multiple-table queries with SQL statement auto-generation.
  • Build exception reports and identify neglected accounts.
  • Set targets for activity and opportunity levels to identify gaps and adjust sales plans.
  • Choose from many templates and easily customize your own dashboards using our Dashboard Wizard. Drag and drop panels and fields.

Report instantly

  • Share your dashboard as a report in PDF format.
  • Select custom color schemes for your graphs and charts. (Act! v16/17/18/19/20)
  • Export any list to MS Excel.
  • Use Keystroke Alerts bundle to automate your dashboard reporting.

VARIANTS: Dash Manager vs Personal Editions:

The two tiers of Keystroke Dash are identical in functionality and features, save for the Personal edition supports reporting for only ONE user (My Record), and the Manager edition supports reporting on one or more users.

Setup Assistance for Add-ons:

  • Setup assistance can be purchased with this product, and this option includes the initial installation, activation, and basic configurations of the program
  • Setup assistance does NOT include customization or personalization of the program, nor does it include training in its use.
  • Keystroke is NOT responsible for updating your computer to prepare it for the installation of this software, as proper computer & Windows maintenance is the sole responsibility of the customer.
    Customer must be ready with all account, licensing, and other details required for activation and setup
  • Service may not exceed 45-minutes and "setup assistance" does not imply ongoing warranty assistance with this product.
  • Setup Assistance can only be purchased with product. If you determine you need it afterwards, the minimum support plan available is VIP Lite for $85 USD.
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