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MailMerge for act

Reliable client-side email marketing for Act!

The MailMerge for Act! product family is a one-stop mail management solution that includes two options to suite most Act! users. Whether you need to send newsletters to your clients, or personalized communications, MailMerge for Act! can produce and deliver your emails with a powerful designer and highly configurable send options.

MailMerge Lite

$59.95per activation

Our new MailMerge Lite version is a stripped down version of MailMerge4act, which handles all basic mail merging to Email or Word that most users need. 

MailMerge Lite

  • Create/Edit Templates in Rich Text Editor. An easy to use publisher with all the table, graphics, and editing tools you'll need to produce professional looking emails and printed letters
  • Convert Native Act Templates using Template Converter
  • Merge To Word or Merge To Email
  • Does NOT rely on Office at all, so users can have 32 or 64-bit versions of Office, and it won't effect MailMerge Lite. The merge to Word uses our own built-in editor and merges to a .doc that Word can open.
  • NEW! Multi-threading allows you to send large emails and continue to work in Act!
  • Improved Outlook error handling and enhanced CC and BCC controls
  • Merge Contact & Opportunity fields into your emails or letters
  • Keystroke recommends or as third party SMTP providers that can be used in conjunction with your own SMTP servers for larger distributions. 
  • Records History in Act! of mail merge, and includes a new "Message Details" History recording section to help with History bloat from large mail merges.
  • MailMerge4act! also works independent of Outlook.


$119.95per activation

Our MailMerge for Act! has all the features you need to manage beautiful and effective client-side emarketing campaigns with powerful publishing & delivery options.


MailMerge for Act! includes all the features of MailMerge Lite, plus the following advanced publishing and delivery options:

  • "Email from Stationary"
  • "MergeMail from HTML"
  • Scheduled sends
  • Suppression based on field
  • Send in batches
  • Send intervals


$$159.95per year

MailManager for Act! includes all the features of MailMerge, plus the power of Optin Manager. 


MailManager for Act! includes all the features of MailMerge, plus the power of Optin Manager. Features include:

  • Windows app allows you to prepare, edit and send your opt-in request to your Act! lookup. As you send, it will also prompt you to select current contact, current lookup, or all contacts
  • Both the send request and your contact's response to it are recorded in Act! in a manner that verifies the authenticity of the permission
  • The software allows you to generate a unique online link for any contact in your database. This allows you to reply to an email with a contact's unique link, thus simplifying the process
  • Sync the online results with your database at the click of button, and get a report on how many contacts were updated
  • Customize your online opt-in request page with your own branding and message

How MailMerge for Act! helps you manage all your emarketing needs

MailMerge for Act! delivers a complete emarketing solution for all your business mail management needs. From simple and quick emails to a select group of your contacts, to a large eblast to thousands, MailMerge for Act! has the tools to get the job done in a professional, effective, efficient, and compliant manner.

Use the MailMerge to emarket to your customers

Use the MailMerge to emarket to your customers

Develop and send thousands of beautiful HTML emails with MailMerge that personalises each one with data from your database. Those emails can be sent with your mail servers or 3rd party providers like SendGrid.
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Email with Stationary

Email with Stationary

Ever want to send a personalized email to a lookup of contacts, but don't want to stop and create a template first? Email from stationary allows you to write the email, merge the salutation (and subject line!) on the fly, while using professional looking email stationary headers, signatures, and footers. Mail merging has never been easier or faster!
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Enhanced Deliverability tools

Enhanced Deliverability tools

MailMerge employs a variety of deliverability tools to send your email quickly and effectively. Use multipe SMTP servers with configurable options for faster sending. Built-in client side "opt-out" suppressions ensure opt-outs are respected, and configurable send options like small batch sends with delivery intervals all improve the chances of your emails getting to their intended destination.
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Manage Bounced Emails

Manage Bounced Emails

If you send emails, you're going to get bounces, and MailMerge helps you manage them. Configure MailMerge to monitor an IMAP folder for bounces, and then convert those bounces into a list. Once compiled, use that list to search for all contacts linked to those bounced emails in one step.
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Powerful Desktop Publisher

Powerful Desktop Publisher

The built-in desktop publisher can create beautiful HTML emails from scratch, or open HTML files created from other programs.
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Manage your inbox better with Act4outlook

Manage your inbox better with Act4outlook

If effective, your emarketing is going to produce replies from your contacts, and what better tool to manage those inbox emails than Act4outlook. Easily attach inbound emails to Contact, Group, Company, or even Opportunity History. Do an Act! lookup based on one or more inbox emails, as well as creating Contacts & Activities from emails. And the Act4outlook license is perpetual!
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Scheduled Sends

Scheduled Sends

Unlike regular email, with MailMerge you can schedule when you want to send your email blast, and even edit/delete it before launch.

Customizable to suit your unique needs

Customizable to suit your unique needs

With customizable headers, footers, email signatures, and multiple email server settings, MailMerge can be tailor fit to suit your unique needs and branding.

Convert & Share email templates

Convert & Share email templates

Any template you create in MailMerge get's synced back to your Act! database Template folder where it can be shared by others. These are the ONLY proprietory templates that sync with Act!.
Get started quickly by converting any existing Act! templates into MailMerge templates, after which you can polish them up with our desktop editor. MailMerge can easily convert one or more at a time.

MailManager Videos

Watch Opt-In Manager Product Demo

Watch MailMerge4act Product Demo

MailManager4Act! Webinar

MailMerge Feature Gallery

Purchase Notes & System Requirements

  • All Pricing listed in USD
  • Price is based on per activation
  • Compatible with Act! v18 or higher (sold separately)

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