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What's new in
Act! Premium v23

A focus on quality and improving the features you already use


Act! v23 delivers performance and usability enhancements across the CRM solution, designed to streamline and optimize the user experience for maximum productivity. This release focuses on delivering improvements to targeted high-usage areas, based on extensive input and validation from Act! customers and partners across the globe. The program became faster & better to deliver more value and choices to our customers. Have you driven Act! lately?

Outlook Add-in Enhancements

Activity Settings

  • UI/UX improvements for adding a Contact to an Activity.
  • All Day checkbox disables Activity start/end time fields, making it Timeless.
  • Meeting location visible in Act! when Outlook invite accepted.

Email History

  • History now properly records for Contacts with custom email fields.
  • Email history no longer records as “Call Attempted” and now accurately displays “Email sent”.

UI/UX Improvements

  • User icon replaces checkbox when adding a contact to an activity.
  • Opening an email history with an attachment no longer opens the email in an editable state in Outlook.
  • This new Outlook integration employs the Act! WebAPI rather than the SDK for faster data access

Redesigned Word Add-In

Completely re-designed Word Add-In

  • Improved performance with the utilization of the Act! API instead of our SDK (previous add-in utilized SDK).
  • Improved History recording with printing
  • New Send email and Attach to Act! functions with faster Contact lookup

Targeted Parity of High Usage Workflows from Previous Add-In

  • Modernized styling and icons.

Supports 64-bit Microsoft Office

Act! Marketing Automation Enhancements

Preference Center

  • Fields in Act! can be updated based on customer selections allowing them to choose which of your campaigns they would like to unsubscribe from rather than unsubscribing from all.

Unsubscribe Center

  • Gives the user the ability to create multiple templates for unsubscribe pages, for example this could be used to create unsubscribe pages in multiple languages, or for separate brands within your company.


  • On each grid view for Campaigns, Landing Pages and Templates users can now drag and drop items into folders. There is no limit on the amount of folders created.


  • AMA has updated its search functionality. It is now contained on the right side of each list view and allows the user to search by user/team/folder or status on each of the below items:
    1. Campaigns
    2. Landing Pages
    3. Templates
    4. Assets

Landing Page Impressions

  • When viewing the Landing Pages section you can now see the number of Landing Page impressions, this is the number of individuals who hit a landing page but do not complete it.


  • Within AMA itself, teams of users can be set up allowing the ability to filter areas of the program by your teams when using the Search feature. The following items can be filtered by teams:
    1. Campaigns
    2. Templates
    3. Landing Pages

Import/Export of Templates

  • This allows importing/exporting with the Drag & Drop editor, something that was previously only available in the WYSIWYG editor.
  • Users will now be able to export templates in JSON format which will then allow them to import in the same format as well.

Workflow Designer UI Improvements

  • Users now have the ability to make the workflow designer either horizontal or vertical orientation and also pan out/in. We have also added a waffle icon that bring the user back to default view, greatly improving the user experience.

Drag & Drop Landing Page Controls

  • When designing Landing Pages users can now drag and drop the order in which they want their fields to appear on their page.

SMS History Recording (SaaS Only)

  • SMS messages will now be recorded to the History tab of the Act! contact. This is matched up by the contacts ‘mobile phone’ field.

New Drag & Drop Template Elements

  • Menu - Allows the use to define a set of menu items with linking capabilities
  • Giphy - Full giphy library to easily utilize in any template
  • Icons - A library of pre-made icons to utilize
  • Title - Allows users to enter a title specific block to their template

Quality Improvements, Bug Fixes, AEM EOL, and Rebranding

Quality Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • 50+ Priority Bug Fixes
  • UI Control Updates
  • Translations
  • Core Functionality Improvements

Act! Emarketing End of Life

  • AEM was officially made EOL on December 31st 2020.
  • Removed AEM navigation routes in v23 Desktop & Web

Rebranding: Swiftpage > Act!

  • Replaced Swiftpage references with Act!
  • Replaced Swiftpage logos with Act!
  • Replaced Swiftpage copyright strings with Act!

Act! is Adaptable

Act! is Adaptable

Act! works like you work, equipping you with a variety of configuration options from lightly personalized to completely customized. Highly trained Act! Certified Consultants can help create your Act! experience.

Act! is Everywhere

Act! is Everywhere

Act! goes where you go, enabling you to be productive from wherever you work. Get to the details you need whether you're online or offline. Sophisticated offline sync capabilities keep everyone in the business up to date

Act! is Connected

Act! is Connected

Act! likes what you like, keeping you connected to the tools and apps you love like Slack, QuickBook Online, Shopify, and hundreds more. Direct integration with Outlook®, Google, and Excel enables seamless interaction.

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