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Category: Marketing
Written by Ken Quigley
June 17 2020

PC Mag defines marketing automation as "the smarter and more powerful older sibling of email marketing. Marketing automation lets marketers plan extended customer interactions without requiring manual intervention.”

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The problem with this explanation is most Act! users already confess to using only a small portion of their CRM's capabilities.  They are hesitant to embrace a new marketing technology they'll similarily under utilize. We know this to be true because our own customer surveys have shown that most current AMA subscribers are only sending instant campaigns.  Fewer still have configured any sort of inbound workflow to track user responses to their campaigns. In short, people do not reach beyond their grasp, and in the absence of proper training, old habits will prevail at the expense of new opportunities.

This is why we've developed the "AMA Actcellerator" program, aimed at delivering affordable and structured one-to-one AMA training

AMA Actcellerator Program

The AMA Actcellerator is a three part training program designed to help provision customers to AMA quicker, and then build a proper foundation of knowledge for group management, list hygiene, and template design, before moving onto drip marketing, inbound & outbound workflow,  asset tracking, and more. This program will also help users steer clear of some common landmines like poor ramp up procedures that could hurt your domain reputation and frustrate future marketing efforts.

The AMA Actcellerator program is designed and delivered by Billy Clark, formerly of Swiftpage, who is one of the industries’ most knowledgeable AMA experts. Billy was recently certified as a MaaS Consultant (Marketing as a Service), and he's crafted this program to help AMA users get the highest return from their marketing investment.

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The AMA Actcellerator is a three course program that is broken down into the following segments:

AMA101: This Actcellerator package is designed to get you started from the ground up.  Since you're familiar with our training videos we'll take this time to discuss deliverability hiccups and what to expect with your campaigns going forward.  This session is designed to make sure you fully understand how to utilize all group options for your campaigns, and how AMA can help keep your groups in order.

  • AMA provisioning
  • Email list hygiene & ramping-up
  • Deliverability and inbox optimization
  • Group Management for effective target marketing
  • Inclusions & Exclusions (and why?)
  • Templates
  • Single-send Campaigns
  • Drip Marketing and outbound workflow

AMA102: This Actcellerator package is designed to take the concepts in the first course, and apply them to your inbound and outbound customer flows.  You will learn how landing pages can quickly collect precise data on your prospects, how to surgically target your current list of contacts for new sales opportunities, and how the inbound and outbound flows can work together to truly automate the communication lifecycle of your business

  • Inbound customer flow (CRM and Landing Pages)
  • Outbound customer flow (Group targeting - dynamic lists)
  • Asset Tracking

AMA103: Course three is designed to help you understand the concepts of market research in the form of A/B testing (Ultimate/Advanced level AMA) your campaign emails, tracking your click-throughs on your website, and understanding how helpful your assets are to bringing your vision and message to your prospects.  We’ll also cover how you can use scoring to understand email and website engagement, and use that to create a call list for your hottest leads:

  • A/B testing for emails
  • Website Tracking
  • Scoring

Customers can purchases one, two, or all three of the classes, but users are required to complete the lower tier classes before advancing to the higher ones. Moreover, to avoid  customers being unprepared for their classes, we've developed an intake survey HERE which must be completed in advance to ensure each student is prepared to answer account specific questions they'll need for their class.

For information on pricing and course curriculum, please click HERE, or click HERE to learn more about the different features of Act! Marketing Automation if you're not already a subscriber.


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