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Demo Act! Cloud now!
Demo Act! Cloud now!

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Which is best for your business?
Act! on-premise or Act! Cloud

With Act! CRM, the choice is yours!
Act! gives you the freedom to choose the deployment option that’s right for your business. Implement Act! on your business premises for faster local and network access, or have it hosted in the cloud for easy, anywhere access, with little or no setup. Or do a mix of both! The choice is yours with Act!. Compare the two choices below to determine what's best for you.

Act! Desktop (on-premise)

Both Act! Pro and Act! Premium are on-premises solutions that make it easy for you to have meaningful conversations with customers by giving you an organized view of everyone you do business with. If you work on a team that needs to stay in sync, consider the additional benefits of using Act! Premium, which includes Windows®, web, and mobile options, while Act! Pro is Windows only.

On-premise deployment is ideal for you if::

  • You require complete access to all Act! features and functionality.
  • You have in-house IT resources to manage your Contact & Customer Management solution.
  • You need advanced customization and integration capabilities.
  • You require control of your data on your own site.
  • You desire a lower overall total cost of ownership and a one-time upfront payment.
  • You rely on Act! add-on software to enhance the power of Act!
  • Your intend to share your data in-house across a simple LAN, and would rather not rely on Internet to access your data.
  • You have under ten users, your security needs are low and your local deployment is simple. Under these circumstances we'd recommend using Act! Pro at half the software cost.

Act! Cloud (browser based)

With Act! Premium Hosted by Keystroke you get on-demand access to the #1 best-selling Contact and Customer Manager in a secure Cloud environment, plus additional included benefits like video training, nightly maintenance and backups for a worry-free experience.

Get up and running quickly and easily, as we’ll handle the technical steps, so you can jump right into rich contact, calendar, and opportunity details from your computer, tablet, or smartphone, and build upon the relationships that keep your business thriving.

Flexible subscription options fit every budget, and best of all, we won’t hold your customer data hostage. You own it and have access to a copy at any time. Unlike other providers, Keystroke does not charge extra for offline access to help configure a personalized solution that meets your unique business needs.

Cloud deployment is ideal for you if:

  • You require on-demand access to Act! Premium.
  • You prefer that Keystroke take care of deploying and hosting your Contact & Customer Management solution.
  • You seek automatic updates and upgrades to the latest version of Act! Premium.
  • You desire a low upfront investment compared to other cloud service

Click HERE for a list of features not available in Act! Cloud vs Act! Desktop


Click to calculate your Act! hosting cost with our exclusive Hosting Konfigurator


Understanding the feature gaps between each access method

Customers often ask us what control they're relinquishing by using a subscriber or web based database versus hosting the main host database themselves? The feature gaps between web & windows shrink each year with each new release, and the following is breakdown of the current feature differences between accessing the "master" database, a "web" database, and a remote "sync" database. We hope these distinctions will help users determine the deployment strategy most suitable for their team. 
These differences are illustrated in the chart below. Some features may not be available in previous Act! versions as this comparison chart reflects the features from latest version of each.
Application Task
Local Master Database
Web Database
Remote (sync) Database
Full Contact, Company & Group Management
Create & Manage Contacts, Companys, and Groups
Duplicate Checking settings, scan for duplicate records
Create and Manage Secondary Contacts
E-Mail Document option on Document tab
Email from template
Write, Email, and Merge Mail
Add document attachments as shortcuts
Replace, copy, or swap field data for multiple contacts
Create & Manage Companies
Copy or move contact data
Act! Dialer
Fax integration
Social Updates
Edit Contact Access (Make Public, Make Private, Create Access List, Add or Remove Users/Teams) for multiple contacts
Edit phone number format defaults
History recorded when printing a document (Mail merge directly to printer does create history).
No option to "Open each view in its own window" in Preferences
Quick Print
Create or Edit Layouts (see list of web limits below)
Layout Designer Limitations in Web: Change fonts, text alignment or colours, or width of layout
Full Calendar Management
Create and manage scheduling
Create and manage custom activity types, resouces, & priorities
Create or Manage Activity Series
Schedule resources within activities
Create or Manage Smart Tasks
Use of Act! Resources when scheduling
Edit List Values for the Regarding field when creating an Activity
Full Opportunity Management
Create and manage Opportunities
Create and manage products
Create and manage processes
Create and manage sales stages
Freeze Columns in List View
Administration Features
Add, edit or delete database fields
Add, delete, enable, or disable users
Define a password policy
Use of Act! Diagnostics utility (ACTDIAG)
Setup and use field triggers
Database maintenance (check, repair, reindex, delete)
Use of Act! Scheduler
Manage Addons Feature
Preferences: Colours & Fonts
Preferences: Communication Tab
Backup and restore databases
Edit Contact Access (Make Public, Make Private, Create Access List, Add or Remove Users/Teams) for multiple contacts
Full Marketing Features
Act! Marketing Automation
Act! emarketing
Full Report Management
Create new or edit existing report templates
Insights (v20 or higher)
3rd Party reporting tools
Create new or edit existing Dashboards
Searching & Lookups
Lookup Menu from Pull-down menu
Left Side Navbar Lookup field
Advanced, Universal & Keyword Search
Show "Look For" Option in List View
Lookup > Contact Activity
Lookup by Example
Synchronization Management
Create and re-create remote databases
Initiate or schedule synchronization
Install remote databases
Synchronize Act! data with a handheld device
Unpack and restore remote databases
Remote database synchronization panel (edit, delete remote databases, and sync sets)
MS Office Integration
Only available in Web with Internet Explorer
CSV files
Excel files
Act! database
CSV files
Excel files (using Export to Excel function)
Act! database
TXT files
Custom Tables (Premium Plus)
Manage Custom Tables Menu
Edit custom table data
Import into custom tables
Manage Templates
Sequential Field Settings
Activity Fields
Editing Field Security settings
Right click functionality
Presents browser options in Web
Customize menus and toolbars
= Included
= Not Included
= Partially Included

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Delivering fruitful CRM solutions since 1994, Keystroke is the #1 Act! Reseller in the World and Master Act! Distributor for Canada.

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