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Act! Premium Desktop & Cloud
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Choose from a range of affordable options that fit the needs of your business,
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Act! offers the following subscription plans, and the right choice depends on your chosen deployment strategy, data complexity, marketing and security requirements. Returning Act! customers may be eligible for special discounts, so please contact our sales team at 1-833-ACT-BOLD for details. The following is a breakdown of those options. 

Most Popular

Act! Premium Desktop

$37.50per month/per user
(billed annually)

Security and control of an on-premise solution

  • Full-featured CRM
  • Self-hosted (desktop or cloud)
  • Marketing Automation (Basic)
  • API Connectivity
  • No program storage limits
  • Annual Upgrade Entitlement
  • Phone, Email, and Chat Support
  • Supports API & SDK add-ons
  • The Act Premium Desktop is available in French too

NEW! Act! Premium Cloud
(Cloud Only)

$30.00per month/per user
(billed annually)

Cloud-based solution

  • Full-featured cloud-based CRM
  • Easy cloud provisioning
  • Marketing Automation (Basic)
  • API Connectivity
  • Automatic Upgrades
  • 6GB of Database storage
  • Standard Support
  • Nightly Backups
  • Supports API add-ons only

NEW! Act! Premium Cloud
(with Desktop Sync)

$40.00per month/per user
(billed annually)

Cloud-based solution with the flexibility of desktop syncing.

  • Full-featured cloud-based CRM
  • Easy cloud provisioning
  • Marketing Automation (Basic)
  • API Connectivity
  • Automatic Upgrades
  • 6GB of Database storage
  • Standard Support
  • Nightly Backups
  • Supports API add-ons only



  • Custom Tables:
    $10/month/user, billed annually
  • Additional Storage per 4GB:
    $5/month/account, billed annually
  •  SMS Upgrades (per month, billed annually)
  • Phone Number + 500 monthly sends: $6.25/account
  • Additional 500 monthly sends: $5/account


  • Act! Marketing Automation:
    Starting at $79/month/account, billed annually
  • Additional Email Sends:
    $10/month/account, billed annual
  • Additional Domains:
    $50/month/account, billed annually

Understanding Act! Subscription

  • Act! subscription totals (number of licenses) can be increased mid-term, and you will only be billed the prorated amount due until your next renewal date, at which time you will be billed the annual amount for your new subsctipion total
  • subscription totals can only be decreased at time of renewal
  • Perpetual License Holders: Some legacy customers acquired perpetual license privileges as part of their original Act! Business Care plans before Act! Subscription too effect in May of 2015, and they are entitled to redeem those at time of renewal. While offplan Act! users would have the core functions of the software with the perpetual license, the following services would cease to be available once the subscription lapsed:
    • any WebAPI service including Insights, Outlook Connect, Act! Companion, Dynamic Pipelines, and Zapier integration
    • Any 3rd party add-ons that rely on the WebAPI like Handheld Contact API.
    • Act! Marketing Automation
    • additional service pack updates
    • new product features and updates
    • technical support options with Act!
    • any loyalty or quantity discounts would be forfeit, and be unavailable if you came back later to resubscribe
  • Act! Premium Cloud does not offer perpetual plans due to the ongoing hosting commitment
  • As of April 1st, 2019, Act! discontinued the practice of offering quantity discounts on sales of 5+ seats. Legacy customers will continue to be grandfathered with their quantity discounts, but additional seat purchases would be purchased at their existing subscription rate, and additional purchases could not entitle them to further quantity discounts if they moved into a new pricing tier under the old quantity discount system.

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