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Smarter Event Planning with

Complete Event Management for Act!!
Hosting online events like webinars, training sessions, or even networking meetings can make for great business, but organizing them can be as hard as hosting the event itself. Drumming up attendance, managing the RSVP's,  discretely publishing the event details, sending reminders, and then the follow-ups are daunting enough, but if you also have to employ an assortment of 3rd party applications to get the job done, duplication of work is inevitable.

For most small businesses, the events they're planning are scheduled in Act! first, and the people invited are part of the same database. So what if there was a single online service that enabled you to manage your events better and with less effort from within Act!, with no duplication of work, and helped maximize your attendance? That service is now available, and it's called Link2events, and it's available in Standard and Team tiers..

Built on the foundation of our popular Link2calendar appointment setting service, our new Link2events makes planning events a snap. Simply create an event with Link2events (or select an activity in Act!), and watch as the magic happens.

Link2events in Action
You'll get a custom-designed sign-up page that is linked to Act!, and have new sign-ups added to your database, or existing contacts updated. You'll be alerted with each sign-up, and all respondents will be added to the event group, and linked to the activity. All sign-ups will be sent an ICS file and a separate confirmation email with the event join link, as well as reminder emails and follow-ups to optimize your turn-out!


System Requirements & Subscription Terms

  • A current Act! subscription (Act! v18 or higher)
  • Act! security role of "Standard" or higher, with WebAPI permissions assigned
  • Act! Premium Cloud or Act! Premium with a WebAPI URL, or locally install Act! Connect Link
  • Act! WebAPI v1.0.409.0 or K-API
  • All prices listed are in USD, and billed per user/per database

Fast facts every Act! user should know:

Schedule Event online & push it to Act!

  • Schedule your event in Link2events, and it's instantly created as a dynamically linked activity in Act!. Any scheduling changes in time, date, or duration made online will automatically be updated in Act!

Generate a URL to publish event details

Publish an online link to distribute or publish that people can click to learn about your event. This link will include all event scheduling details, plus a memo field for longer event descriptions. You can even incorporporate a unique event-specific image to post at the top of the event page.

Process easy online event sign-ups

Provide them the ability to register for your event online and have thos responding automatically added to the group in your Act! database that Link2events created for that event.

Update or add Act! Contacts

If the contact that signs-up is in your database the activity is linked to them, and if they're not, they get added and then linked. In cases of existing contacts, no field data gets overwritten

Present them with an invite after signing up

After they sign-up, Link2events then presents and answer page with an Outlook invitation for the same date and time so both participants have that event in their calendar. It even links the invite to your chosen email address.

Instant booking notification

Receive an instant email notification each time a reservation is made, letting you know who has registered

Automated Emails with confirmation codes

Those that sign-up are then sent a confirmation email instantly providing them a unique confirmation code and the previously undisclosed meeting location.

Limit distribution of meeting links to those with verified emails

Know in advance who is attending your event by distributing event location details, or meeting links to only those with verified email addresses. This enables you to better plan resources for your event when you have better visbility on expected attendance.

Default activity types

Set default activity type in Act! for each event for better reporting and calendar filtering of your Link2Events. The activity type is then recorded under that Contact in Act! when the event is complete.

Configure reminder emails to be sent before an event

Configure in Link2events how many hours in advance of your event your sign-ups will be sent a reminder. Both the initial sign-up email and the reminder include the event details and image you selected.

Works with Local & Web databases

Link2events works with Cloud databases using the WebAPI, and local databases using Act! Connect Link. As long as you have an Act! subscription, you can plan your events more successfully with less effort using Link2events.

PayPal integration

PayPal integration with our Team tier allows subscribers to charge a fee for an event, and then process payments while people register. No additional payment portal required!

Automated Event Follow-up Emails

Configure the number of hours after an event for the system to send a follow-up email, perhaps thanking them for attending. This email is composed in a separate memo field in the event setup area, and can include links to past event recordings, an "upcoming event" page, a survey form using Link2forms, or even a Link2calendar link for them to schedule an appointment with you.

Watch an animated demo of Link2events


Screen Shots of Link2events (click on thumbnails below)

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Power your events from start to finish with the only online event management solution designed for Act! users.


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