As the Canadian Master VAR, Keystroke is pleased to announce the launch of our new Customer/Reseller Portal, which is designed to deliver improved visibility & account management to customers & Canadian Channel Partners alike. We’ve just completed an internal review of the portal with our team, and received enough feedback to scope the project’s completion by Wednesday, July 24th. This portal is not only an excellent resource for retrieving all your past license details like Act! software and add-ons, subscription licensing, and even support tickets and contracts, but you can also process renewals through this portal, as well.

The Customer portal is easy to use, as well. Simply visit and enter your Act! subscription account and email address to login. Here is what the new portal will feature:

  • ACT! SUBSCRIPTION TAB: Secure login to review all Act! subscription account details, and present online renewal options within 60 days of the account renewal. The renewal process can be completed entirely within the portal, but quantity changes must still go through our office.
  • ACT! SUBSCRIPTION TAB: Resellers will be able to sort by any column, export the list of their account s, and drill down into any of them to get more details. We’ll even provide the ability to customize columns.
  • SOFTWARE LICENSE TAB: Have a complete list of all your license purchase history for Act! and Act! add-ons, including serial keys, download links, purchase & renewal dates & more
  • SUPPORT CONTRACTS TAB: End users can view existing support contracts, , the hours purchased & consumed, and even drill down to review the ticket history for each. The Support Contracts tab show your past and present support contracts, displaying the transaction details, as well as the hours purchased and consumed. The active VIP contract, whether it’s a regular VIP or a Diamond, will automatically display a “Renew” button when applicable. As mentioned earlier, this gives you the option to manage your support contracts right within the portal.
    Like the Subscription Tab, the Support Tab will present to end-users a “Renew” button when a contract comes within 30-days of the renewal date, and automatically apply on-time discounts where applicable. The discounts will disappear if that window is missed. 

In the new Growth Suite era, we believe providing this level of visibility and autonomy to end-users & resellers is vital for them to operate efficiently. Stay tuned for more details after the July 24th launch.

2019-07-19 14:38:48
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