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Category: Handheld Contact
16 November 2019
Handheld Contact is excited to announce that it will be releasing "Handheld Contact API" in late January or a early February, a new mobile client that can sync directly to the master Act! database for faster updates, more data, and can be used with multiple devices at no extra cost.   This is the update our customers have been waiting for!
Category: Handheld Contact
12 September 2019
The Handheld Contact Desktop Application is the user interface that controls all of the integration and syncing of Act! to the Handheld Contact Servers.  This article is for letting customers know how to read and use this application properly.  See the image and match up the numbers to the explanation below. Click the image to enlarge
Category: Handheld Contact
06 August 2019
Ever need to send an email to multiple contacts in the field? It's easy with HHC and the emails get attached to History. The steps to complete this task are simple, fast, and intuitive Go to your Contact List, Click the Action bolt in the top right corner, and select tag. Look up all the contacts you want, one-by-one or in batches, tagging...
Category: Handheld Contact
27 June 2019
Handheld Contact supports business card scanning as a means of adding contact data to your Act! Database, but it does not provide the scanning engine itself. Handheld Contact’s role in this process is to import in new contacts from the devices native address book, allowing subscribers to use whatever card scanning service they choose. Recommended...
Category: Handheld Contact
02 June 2019
I'm a big Echo fan, as I have about ten of them spread across the home and office. However, whether I use Alexa, Siri, or some other voice assisted service to schedule an activity, I love how I can use Handheld Contact to pull them into Act!. For example, yesterday I invited my mother and niece to breakfast on Sunday, and the workflow followed...
Category: Handheld Contact
05 May 2019
New quoting features, proximity search, calendar importing, and HHC Restore are coming to a mobile device near you! Some exciting changes are being introduced with Handheld Contact this week, making the #1 Act! mobile experience more complete than ever before. Quoting/Invoicing: Ever finish a meeting with a prospect that ends with you saying...
Category: Handheld Contact
04 March 2019
Handheld Contact released two major device updates today, with Android v3.1.7.0 now live at Google Play store, and version 8.3.3 for IOS expected out in the next few days. Changes in the Android release: NEW: Removed "READ_CALL_LOG" and "WRITE_CALL_LOG" permission as per new Google's policy.  As a result of this, the following Handheld Contact...
Category: Handheld Contact
28 January 2019
As the publisher of Handheld Contact we’ve been hesitant to offer a detailed comparison of our mobile service and Act! Companion – Swiftpage’s mobile client for Premium subscribers. Our hesitation was based not strictly on appearing overly biased, but perhaps criticizing a service that was not yet fully built. However, as we round out the second...
Category: Handheld Contact
15 January 2019
Handheld Contact is pleased to announce three separate releases today - separate builds for both Android and IOS, and an update to our Windows Console, all of which represent the biggest across the board upgrade to our subscription offerings in over a year. These changes are as follows: Handheld Contact Windows Console - version Fixed...
Category: Handheld Contact
07 January 2019
With two new versions of Handheld Contact scheduled for release this week, thought it fitting to review all the changes we've introduced to the #1 mobile application for Act! over the last 18 months. In June 2017 we started a complete rebuild of Handheld Contact on a new platform.  This was done so we could add many new features which were...

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