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Category: Act!
25 January 2020
In case you missed it, Swiftpage launched a new version of Act! Growth Suite in November, and last week they spruced it up with the release of a major update. To watch a Swiftpage video tour of the new features introduced with Act! v22, click the play button below.  Or click HERE to watch Keystroke's feature overview video. Act! Growth Suite...
Category: Act!
11 October 2019
Since Swiftpage first took over Act! in 2013,  many tiers of subscription customers have evolved – first under Business Care and then later under Act! Premium Subscription. The numerous iterations of these subscription customers included Business Care migrators, Loyalty, Early Adopters, as well as full-rate on-premise and cloud customers, with...
Category: Act!
01 October 2019
Last year when Swiftpage acquired Kuvana, the makers of Inbox Guru (later to be known as Act! Marketing Automation), they communicated to their customer base that marketing automation was integral to their future. For the uninitiated, Marketing Automation was defined by PC Mag as “the smarter and more powerful older sibling of email marketing...
Category: Act!
01 October 2019
As many Act! Pro customers may have noticed, Swiftpage has “de-emphasized” Act! Pro since early this year, removing it from entirely in February. It’s no secret that their focus has been their Act! Premium subscription offerings and Marketing Automation, and as a result the next version of Act! Pro due out in mid-November, namely Act...
Category: Act!
01 October 2019
The 2019 edition of our Actoberfest Sale is possibly the biggest we've ever had based on the savings. This is partly due to the natural fanfare surrounding this annual promotion, and the fact that Swiftpage announced a number of end-of-life discounts that are tough to beat.  Here is the breakdown: Act! Pro v21 Sale:   A customer relationship...
Category: Act!
09 July 2019
Update 8 July 2019: The repackaged Update 3 has now been publicly released following an additional period of testing. This resolves the earlier issues reported where Act! add-on applications did not load correctly. This issue was partly caused by pending Windows updates on customer machines. As part of addressing the problem, the installer will...
Category: Act!
05 June 2019
From entry-level to full-featured CRM, Act! has a solution that's right for your business. Choose Act! Premium or Act! Premium Plus solutions for an on-premise deployment, or in the Cloud for instant online access to Act! in a modern, secure Cloud environment—no IT needed, no hardware required, just an affordable subscription. With Act...
Category: Act!
15 May 2019
The Spring launch of Act! Growth Suite ushered in many new exciting commercial bundlings to help customers grow their business with better value. However, it also introduced Act! 21.1, a new service pack to the version released in November of 2018, and it contains many exciting new features, upgrades, and compatibilities. The following is a quick...
Category: Act!
06 May 2019
At a recent internal sales meeting, I was asked to explain the details of selling Growth Suite to existing subscribers vs new ones, so I thought I would share that explanation in a blog so customers can understand it better from the buyer's perspective.   These are the scenarios to consider: PRORATED VS FULL TERM GROWTH SUITE CONTRACT First...
Category: Act!
19 April 2019
We knew it was coming, but we didn't expect the changes to be this big or the combined savings to be this good. Starting today (May 1st), Swiftpage will announce the launch of Act! Growth Suite 2.0 as part of the Spring release of Act! 21.1, and usher in a new era for the Act! product line. Act! 21.1 is the latest major patch to Act! and includes...

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