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Feature Comparison
Act! makes it easy for you to stay connected to your business when you are out of the office, whether you have an iPhone®, iPad®, or Android™ device. With several options available, selecting the right mobile solution for Act! could result in you becoming instantly more efficient. The three leading mobility options for Act! users are Handheld Contact, Act! Premium Mobile and Act! Companion. Each solution has its' advantages based on the user's requirements and budget. See the comparison chart below.
Mobile Features (updated as of March 2019)
Handheld Contact
Act! Premium Mobile
Act! Companion
Act! Supported Releases
Act! 2005+
Act! 2013+
Act! v19+
Offline data access
Act! Supported Versions
Act! Pro
Act! Premium (perpetual)
Act! Premium (subscription)
Supported Mobile Platforms
Apple (IOS)
Blackberry OS
Manage Contacts
Access to contact details
Support for Contact Picture in detail section
Ability to copy/duplicate a contact
Ability to share contact details via email or vcard
Ability to easily control which contacts are visible on each users mobile application
Ability to delete a contact
Ability to edit a contact
Manage Calendar
Number of calendar views
Task List
Filter by activity type
Filter by user
Filter by date range
Filter by date priority
Support for multiple users
Ability to erase an activity
Ability to edit an activity
Manage Opportunities
Create, Edit, Delete and Close activities
Filter Opportunity List by Status
Filter Opportunity List by Date Range
Filter Opportunity List by User
Filter Opportunity List by Process/Stage
Filter Opportunity List by Probability/Total
Number of search options
Number of fields that can be searched by
Ability to search Contacts by Notes, Histories, and/or Activities
Choose desired activity type
Schedule Future Activities
Send Invitations to contacts you're scheduling with
Ability to edit History when clearing an activity
Ease of navigation to past or future activities
Launch call from contact details
History of call recorded
Caller ID
Voice Activated Dialing (Bluetooth)
Launch email from contact details
History of email recorded
Support for SSL encrypted email accounts
Returned to mobile app after email
Broadcast emails to multiple contacts
Launch SMS from contact details
History of call recorded
Broadcast text messages to multiple contacts
History & Notes
Choose History Type
Edit History when clearing Activity
Speech-to-Text for Notes & History Recording
Annual event notifications (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.)
Activity notifications
Ability to clear notification
Ability to create History when clearing activity
Ability to create Follow-up when clearing activity
Ability to clear activity from notification
Perform recommended routing based on activities
Radius Search
Heatmap of found contacts
Mapping within Contact details
Requires Login
HHC Secure+ requires a login, but the normal versions do not
A useful landing page to access all commonly used features
A useful landing page to access all commonly used features
Quickly access your most commonly used contacts
Access to Company Table
Access to Secondary Contacts
Business Card Scanner integration
Optimized for Tablet use
Integrated Reporting Feature
Import/Export to Mobile Devices native Address book
Import/Export to Mobile Devices native Calendar
Max number of supported contacts
HHC base package includes up to 15K contacts, with another $30K available for an additional $35 more
Annual Cost
Hipaa compliance
HHC Secure+ meets the Hipaa compliance standards at time of publishing
= Included
= Not Included
= Partially Included

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