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Category: Actcessories
13 January 2020
Yes, Act4mail is here! Act4mail is the API successor to the wildly popular Act4outlook (the top selling Act! add-on of all time) that we've updated to work through the WebAPI. In practical terms, what this means is that users finally have Act4outlook functionality with hosted databases and 64-bit versions of Office. In fact, users with lighter...
Category: Actcessories
11 January 2020
Whether you're in sales or service, time is likely your most valuable asset, but often the means to managing that time with your customers is clumsy and fraught with needless delays, as vendors & customers go back and forth by email trying to find a mutually convenient time to meet. And wasted time is wasted money.  The new & improved...
Category: Actcessories
14 September 2019
Since we released Act4outlook, we’ve been asked “will it work with web”. Act4outlook had, after all, become the #1 selling Act! add-on of all time in a few short years, so we understood the appeal, but the Act! WebAPI simply had not matured enough for us to build a feature rich version of Act4outlook to work with directly with hosted...
Category: Actcessories
11 September 2019
This month's special is geared towards the hard working professionals in the industries of wealth management, mortgages, insurance, and real estate. As a special promotion for them, Keystroke is bundling all new Act! CRM subscriptions with free licensing of our Act4 vertical products, namely Act4wealth, Act4mortgages, Act4insurance, and...
Category: Actcessories
11 July 2019
Reporting4Act! Version 7.3 Please note that as of version 7.0, Stonefield Query for Act! is now known as Reporting4Act! - Powered by Stonefield Query. There are several new features in this release. Here are just a few: New Associated With (Full List) fields were added to the Act! 2010+ opportunity tables. Cross-tab reports have a new engine...
Category: Actcessories
08 July 2019
Over the last few weeks I've observed quite a few Act! users and consultants post questions about whether a certain add-on existed for one function or another. I wanted to remind everyone that while remains an excellent resource for our add-ons, the Act! Marketplace was relaunched in the spring of 2018, and remains the largest online...
Category: Actcessories
01 June 2019
As part of Keystroke’s commitment to developing to the Act! WebAPI, and supporting the fastest growing market of Act! users, we’ve converted a number of traditionally “Windows only” add-ons to “Cloud Compatible” applications. To be clear, “Cloud Compatible” does not simply mean “work on the web”, but instead supports accessing your hosted...
Category: Actcessories
24 May 2019
Time is money. There is nothing new about this truism, but the way we manage our time would not always suggest we accept this as fact. Too often chunks of productive time during the work week get frittered away as we try to coordinate meeting times with our customers & prospects. Literally every day I’ll have someone try to book a time with...
Category: Actcessories
27 February 2019
You may have noticed something a little different about our website, but in addition to a general makeover, we’ve introduced a new brand into the mix – namely a new logo for all our Act! Addons – see above. The thinking behind this new branding is simple – we have over one hundred products in our inventory that have been either developed or...
Category: Actcessories
27 January 2019
We like Act! add-ons. Not only does Keystroke have the Actcessory Market on our website, we also own & operate the Act! Marketplace at If that were not enough, we’ve developed almost one hundred add-ons to this point, some of which have gone onto become the most popular in the 30+ year history of Act!. Why do we like...

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