server-monitoringACT is an incredibly powerful business tool that has helped countless professionals become more productive, accountable, organized, and profitable. Unfortunately, this potential is often blunted by a faulty deployment or wonky hardware/networking, leading to lower user adoption and confidence. ACT Hosting can certainly reduce the likelihood of this outcome, but many companies elect to self-host because of comfort or they have the network infrastructure to support a centralized ACT setup, and can't justify the extra cost to host.

It is for these people that we've created the Keystroke Self-Hosting Maintenance Plan, Our Self-Hosting Maintenance Plan provides self hosting customers peace of mind knowing such functions as their ACT! backup, maintenance, and synchronization* are being monitored at all times, and their ACT for Web initial setup is confirmed as optimal at the outset. We even monitor the ACT related services on your server to ensure they're running at all times.

Here's what our plan includes:

    • An overview of the existing ACT! settings, including sync, sharing, and publishing settings to confirm they're configured properly for the environment.


    • Your server will be monitored 24-hours a day for select changes to the ACT working environment. If for any reason the sync service or web publishing service stops on your server, or if it restarts unexpectedly, you will receive an email notification immediately.


    • You will receive customized email notifications based on backup and maintenance.


    • In the event of a stoppage of SQL, Web Publishing, Sync Service, or any other vital ACT related service on your ACT server, you will be notified by email immediately. You can also select additional services to be monitored at no additional charge.


    • Receive weekly synchronization reports emailed to you to confirm all your users are synching regularly, and whether any user's database is scheduled to expire (requires purchase of Topline Alerts)*


    • Implement our custom Firewall service that blocks all inbound Internet traffic from over 2000 known suspicious sources from around the world.


    • To ensure your vital ACT services are running optimally, we'll configure the web publishing service, the ACT indexing service, and the Smart Task service to restart every morning at 3PM to prevent sluggish performance due to memory leaks. This also ensures ACT Premium Mobile runs optimally.


    • We will schedule regular database back-ups and maintenance


    • As sometimes our service will be required to resolve error notifications, Self-Hosted Maintenance Plan subscribers must be an active member of the Keystroke VIP Club.

The best part of this plan is the cost. For just $14.95/month (billed annually), with a one-time $45 setup fee, you'll have your ACT server setup verified, and ongoing premium server monitoring provided for the future. What's more, with the purchase of Topline Alerts (billed separately), we'll configure additional synchronization monitoring to provide weekly sync reports so you're always aware of user activity, and able to intervene before databases expire.

This service will be launched in the second week of February after sufficient testing has been completed, and we hope it will offer self-hosted customers the peace of mind they've been looking for at a very affordable price.

2015-02-06 15:09:38
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