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Written by Ken Quigley
April 09 2024

Sometimes a headline says it all. The cost of Orange Care is now MUCH less than the sum of its parts since we've added the following three new perks to our enhanced support plans:

  1. kcm tileKeystroke Contact Manager: KCM is like Handheld Contact for Windows, providing our customers with an offline client to use with the web version of Act! Premium Cloud. It not only saves them the cost of desktop sync (worth $120/user/year), it is much easier to set up and maintain. Installation takes about 90 seconds, and most databases can be downloaded in another 10 minutes. What's more, KCM includes many features that APC doesn't, like click2dial, batch editing of contacts & activities, column filtering in list view, and drag-n-drop calendars, as well as being able to work offline.
    Value: $36/user/year

  2. link2formslite tileLink2forms Lite:  Lead management has become more important in business today, so we're making it standard for our Orange Care customers. We developed Link2forms Lite to integrate customers' web forms with their databases using a new product we developed called Link2forms Lite. This service publishes a web form that adds visitors completing that form instantly to their Act! database, puts them into a custom group, and then emails the Admin alerting them of the new lead. And to make it simpler, we'll even help add it to your website as part of your Orange Care support.
    The days of manual data entry are over. Just go to Act!, look up your new prospects, and plan your follow-up. You can even use AMA Basic to add them to Welcome campaigns. 
    Value: $96/user/year

  3. ocmobileMobile Care: Perhaps not as new as the first two, but certainly overlooked is HHC Mobile Care. With thousands of Handheld Contact subscribers, we get regular requests for support with sync issues or setup on new devices. Customers with Mobile Care get hands-on support for $60 with their subscription or $120 when paid separately. As the owners of Handheld Contact, we offer Mobile Care free with your Orange Care subscription.
    Value: $60-120/user/year

What is Orange Care?
It's pretty persuasive to see a $120 support plan include $192 in free perks, not counting the support service's value, but what exactly is Orange Care?

OrangeCare & Orange Care Plus are annual support plans comprised of Level 1 & 2 phone and email support (up to 30 minutes per subscriber/per day), with support defined as help with troubleshooting Act! installations or general use, upgrades, application configuration, basic usability, and functionality. Unlike Enhanced Support offered by Act!, OrangeCare also includes setup and support of over one hundred Act! addons, including custom tables, Linktivity, HHC, Act4outlook, Qsales, Knowtifier, Dash, and many more, ensuring your entire Act! eco-system is covered. 

Another Benefit of Membership

Orange Care subscribers also save on other Keystroke products & services, and get free upgrades on perpetual add-ons when they're released. Specifically, these benefits include the following: 

Online Renewal can save you 10% on Orange Care
Keystroke also offers an online service that can save you 10% on on-time Orange Care renewals. It is extremely easy to use. To learn more, simply go to or find it under "Keystroke Client Tools" at the top right of the homepage.



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