The Swiftpage Private Cloud is an ideal Administrative environment for team Admins to remote into and manage their database(s) in ways unsupported by browser access. Private Cloud is especially vital for teams using add-ons (ie., Quoting4act or Handheld Contact) that would otherwise be unsupported in a multi-tenanted environment like regular Act! Premium Cloud. With Swiftpage Private Cloud, the account is assigned their own instance of Act! that only their users can access.
Previously, Private Cloud was only available as an optional tier of the Act! Premium Plus product, and was priced on a per-user basis. Effective June 10, 2019, Private Cloud is available as an add-on to any Cloud based subscription (Act! Growth Suite or Act! CRM), and is priced on a per account basis with three ‘sizes.’ -  Small (1-5 users), Medium (6-20), and Large (21-100 users).
  VCPU Cores 2 4 8
  RAM 7.5GB 15GB 30GB
  Included Disc Space 20GB 20GB 20GB
  Max Storage Upgrade 200GB 200GB 1TB
  Microsoft SQL Edition Express Express Web
  Users 1-5 6-20 21-100
* Maximum individual Act! database file size of 10GB (excludes supplemental files).
** Included storage capacity for Act! database and Act supplemental files. Additional storage available at an additional charge.
*** Act! Premium Cloud subscriptions sold separately

What is the difference between a standard Cloud deployment and a Private Cloud deployment?
All Act! customers with a Cloud-based subscription have their own instance of Act! that only their users can access. For the standard Cloud offering, multiple instances of Act! are securely provisioned on the same server. This scenario operates like a gated community where each family has their own house with its own key, but these houses are grouped together behind a common boundary.
The Private Cloud option for Act! customers on a Cloud-based subscription involves provisioning only a single instance of Act! per server. This delivers added isolation for customers who have an emphasis on data security or are subject to company or regulatory requirements. This scenario operates like a single private estate with its own secure gate.

What Private Cloud is NOT
Private Cloud should NOT be interpreted as a "cloud workspace" like Terminal Services where all users remote in and run all their applications and files. No, Private Cloud is intended for easier management & administration of your database and add-ons, but is not intended as a working environment.
When can Private Cloud deployment be purchased?
A Private Cloud deployment is available as an add-on option to any Cloud-deployed Act! subscription, and is priced on a per installation basis, not a per-user basis. Private Cloud may be selected at the time of sale, time of renewal, or any other time during an active subscription term. If purchased mid-contract, the term will be aligned to the time remaining on the Act! subscription, and the cost pro-rated accordingly. When migrating a customer mid-term it may take up to 2 days to complete the migration to Private Cloud. The Act! cloud team will manage this migration.
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