Act! v21.0 Update 6: Update 6 was made available on February 16th, 2019 for all regional versions and tiers of Act! v21. This update adds support for our new Marketing Automation servers in Germany and Australia. It also addresses a number of key defects prioritized from customer and ACC feedback, and enhances the usability of group lookups and web client list views. The update has already been applied to all APC environments. 

Act! users can find these updates at

The following is a list of fixed defects and new features added:

Fixed defects:

  • D-08079 TS - Merge mail fields don't collapse when blank.
  • D-08471 BETA - APFW - History filters reset when you navigate away from a page and return to it
  • D-08519 TS - Calendar - Mini calendar view only displays the first 5 users
  • D-08539 Mail Merge to email displays [[ACTFIELD_DELETE_ME]] for blank fields if the template contains text and at least one image
  • D-08663 APFW - Cannot open email attached as Subject, Message and Attachments.
  • D-08677 Navbar customizations are lost after restarting Act!
  • D-08828 Autosave not working in Companies.
  • D-08832 AMA - Dynamic Group membership does not work when criteria are saved
  • D-08837 TS - LC - DE/FR - In a new database all 1024x768 layouts are missing translations
  • D-08890 Mail merge - Email - Contact data mixed up when two fields are placed on the same line
  • D-08915 LC - DE - User is prompted to complete NPS Survey after 6 months
  • D-08923 Creating lookup of single contact from List View changes the Edit Date
  • D-08941 TS - APFW - Web integration uninstall deletes WebAPIURL; install does not recreate value
  • D-08924 LC - DE - Incorrect translation in window 6 of 9 (Record History of Received E-mails) of Email System Setup
Implemented Stories:
  • B-12482 AMA - Add support for Germany server
  • B-12425 Re-purpose the 6 month survey to send an NPS survey
  • B-12003 APFW - Status bar record count in Contact and Company List views
  • B-12173 Allow 'Create Lookup' from multiple selected groups
  • B-12447 Add support for AU AMA server infrastructure
2019-02-21 11:28:15
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