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Written by Ken Quigley
March 29 2020

On Monday March 30th one of the most proficient AMA support reps in the industry, namely Billy Clark (formerly of Swiftpage) joins our support team, complimenting two professional graphic designers, three web developers, and a sales team that has sold more subscriptions of Act! Marketing Automation than nearly everyone else combined. Needless to say, we're pretty stoked about the host of AMA services we're now qualified to offer, so we've formalized some new service packages, and modified some existing ones to better serve our customers looking to grow their business. The inspiration behind this initiative is the understanding that marketing automation is a "process", and not a product, so our customer engagement should continue long after the sale.

"Marketing automation is a "process", not a product, so our customer engagement should continue long after the sale."

Template Design
General consensus suggests that most readers decide within the first 1-2 seconds of seeing an email whether they'll read or click-through on it. This raises the stakes for quality email design higher than ever before for business hoping to improve the open-rate of their e-marketing. This is where we come in.
design901Anyone on our email distribution list knows the quality of our graphic artists. Since we've added Carlos, Peliceli, Ioni Silva, and Eric Duong-Lamoueux over the last couple of years, the caliber of our design services has improved dramatically, so much that we actually formed a separate company called to deliver these web services outside the Act! community. Inside the Act! community, these skills have served us well in template & newsletter design, original graphic artwork, as well as skins for landing pages. We've gotten so savvy with these email template design that we've created four new tiers of service for our customers to subscribe to.

The purchase link for one or all of the above services can be found HERE, and samples of some templates are below. Larger samples of these templates can be found on our new AMA services page.



AMA Accelerator Support Plan
Prior to Billy Clark joining us, our AMA support services were limited to design and troubleshooting with customers initial provisioning. Adding Billy expands the range of services considerably, as he has been the highest level of support for Act! Marketing Automation for consultants and customers alike for the last few years. In fact, most conservative estimates place him in the top three AMA authorities in the world, which includes the original developer of the program.

With Billy onboard, we can now offer set-it-and-forget-it campaigns, response driven nurture marketing, landing & lead capture pages, asset tracking, surveys, A/B testing, CRM workflow, and much, much more. Plus, our web developers on-staff can help integrate some of the AMA forms into your website so they seamless capture data behind your existing forms. As part of our Success Commitment, Keystroke will also be hosting weekly AMA training sessions through April to help customers use the downtime most are experiencing during the COVID-19 pandemic to learn more about this powerful marketing program. Click HERE to register.

Instead of creating a new tier or service package, we're adding AMA accelerator options to our existing VIP Diamond support plans, so customers can expect these services to be included in a plan they already know and trust. To learn more about our VIP Support plans, please click HERE or the VIP Diamond icon to the right.

Opt-in Manager
optin managerr 4act1Effective April 1st, Keystroke will re-introduce the free provisioning of the Opt-in Manager to help our customers better prepare their distribution list for AMA. Subscribers using an unscrubbed email list could find their account suspended, or worse terminated without a refund. Most Email Service Providers (ESP) set a bounce rate of 5% or higher as unacceptable and will often flag consistent offenders for escalating service disruption, upto and including cancellation. With this in mind, it becomes more important than ever to harvest as many permissions as possible from your recipients as possible, while also distilling your list for valid or invalid email addresses. We can confidently say that the Opt-in Manager is the single most efficient tool for achieving both these objectives, and new AMA subscribers after April 1st, 2020 that bundle it with the existing or new Act! subscription will receive a free account for Opt-in Manager, the duration of which will be determined by which AMA tier they subscribe to - namely Select, Complete, or Advanced. To learn more about Act! Marketing Automation, as well as the differences between the three tiers, please click HERE, or read our BLOG to learn how to decide which tier is right for you.


Keystroke is committed to helping our customers grow their business through the power of marketing automation, and we are proud to now say we have the design chops, the support staff, and the add-ons to deliver on that commitment. To return to the point we started tis blopg with, marketing automation is a "process", and not a product, and customers should choose their reseller accordingly, because the engagement will continue long after the sale.

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