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Written by Ken Quigley
January 10 2023

The fact that Keystroke is the #1 Act! reseller in the world is not the reason to choose us as your reseller. Over the years we've invested to provide many exclusive advantages to our customers from customer portal, annual free software gifts, cutting edge add-on applications, and many more. It's no wonder that one third of the Act! Consultants in North America are under our management, and that we have thirty full-time employees spread across three countries specializing in different areas of Act!, including development, support, hosting, administration, and more.

The following is a list of the Top 13 reasons to choose Keystroke as your Act! reseller:

1. The Keystroke Account ManagerThe Keystroke Account Manager
The Keystroke Account Manager (KAM) application is the evolution of our Keystroke VIP Portal that provides our customers access to all their Act! subscription, software, and support contract details, with easy-to-use integrated renewal options. We've even integrated your transaction history into KAM so you can see all your past purchases, and even pay any outstanding bills. We know you're busy, so we've also included a number of handy account management utilities & support tools to the KAM to help you Act! better, with less effort. 
Needless to say, Keystroke is the only one developing Windows & mobile apps to ensure our customers have the best & easiest to use account management tools anywhere. Click the icon  to the right to learn more, or see it live at

KQC Membership2. KQC Membership
The Keystroke Quality Client membership is an exclusive program that entitles eligible clients to free online services, discounted software & support, and many other perks. KQC Membership  is comprised of people that subscribe to Act! through us, and have active Orange care support plans. KQC Members get free custom tables, 10% off all keystroke software & services, and get free upgrades to all their perpetual addons.
Click the image to the right to learn more.

Developing Solutions3. Developing Solutions
We don't just build addons, we build solutions. If you need a bespoke solution for implementing Act! in your business, our team of developers can build customer portals, ERP/accounting integrations, or custom applications just for your teams unique needs.
And we have the most combined experience with WebAPI and SDK development anywhere, and can even incorporate our own proprietary API called K-API to integrate your data when needed. In fact, we can even incorporate any number of our commerical solutions like custom tables, Linktivity, HHC, the Knowtifier, you name it, to accelerate the development of a bespoke solution for your business - saving you time and money.
Simply put, we can apply more development expertise than any other company in our community.
Click the image to the right to learn more about our 100+ Keystroke products.

Orange Care & VIP Success Packages4. Orange Care & VIP Success Packages
Keystroke has the widest array of customer-centric support plans, including our "setup success commitment", on-time renewal discounts, online support contract renewal portal, and the largest and most experienced support team in the world outside of Swiftpage, with 12x5 support services in both English & French. We also implemented our own chat services, knowledgebase, FAQ's, and online appointment booking service to ensure your success. Whatever your support needs or budget, we have a support plan for you, and we're available 8AM-8PM EST, Monday to Friday. We even have a dedicated support coordinater whose job it is to help connect you to the resources you need.
Click the image to the right to learn more.

Graphic Design Services5. Graphic Design Services
Knowing the mechanics of Act! Marketing Automation is one thing, but having the design chops to make your emails pop off the screen is quite another thing. Keystroke is the ONLY Act! team to boast not one, but two professional graphic designers, and we offer template design services by subscription or one-off projects.
Keystroke also offers complete website services, as well, including web design & programming, hosting, SEO and SEM. You can click the image to the right to learn more, or visit our marketing website at to see our full range of marketing services.

6. Easy Bill Payments
Keystroke's online bill payment service is easy-to-use and accepts VISA, MC, AMEX, and PayPal in both USD and CAD to better serve our customers. Simply go to and enter your invoice number and amount, and our payment portal will guide you through the rest of the process. For those customers being quoted new products or services by our sales team, our Link2quotes system supports instant payment of accepted quotes online, as well.

Free Keystroke Welcome Kit7. Free Keystroke Welcome Kit
Keystroke has built our exclusive "Welcome Kit" that is packed with productivity add-ons that are free to our customers. These free utilities include our Koncatenator, Layout Switcher, OppHistory, Append to Field, Activity Reassigner, Qmail, User Activity Deleter, SQL Manager, Multi-Search, Oppdater, Group Launcher, and NavBar Customizer. You can get all these utilities wrapped together into one convenient installer by downloading it HERE. The Keystroke Welcome Kit also includes several handy support plugins.
Click the image to the right to learn more.
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Free Birthday Gift Each Year8. Free Birthday Gift Each Year
Each year Keystroke provides our customers with a free Act! add-on for their birthday. These apps range in price from $25-120 USD, and they can be redeemed using the Keystroke Account Manager or visiting and logging in with your account number and email. There are no catches, it's just one more perk to working with us. Be sure to add your birthday to the Keystroke Account Manager to receive your free gift, and then remember to check for your email on your birthday!
Click the image to the right to learn more.

9. Keystroke Koncierge Program
Keystroke Koncierge ProgramThe Keystroke Koncierge program is a welcoming initiative of ours that includes free add-on software (our exclusive "Welcome Kit") to help you Act! better, a free database review, and free provisioning support from our success team. We also check-in with you through the course of your first year's subscription to ensure you're happy, and email you helpful "Did you know?" bulletins each month to ensure you're aware of all your options and entitlements.
Click the image to the right to learn more.

10. Many Charitable Causes
Many Charitable CausesKeystroke donates to many good causes, but the one we feel most passionately about is feeding people. The rising cost of living has driven many people in Canada to seek help, and recent stats indicate one third of those at food banks are children. That's why in December of 2022 we ran a campaign to raise over 10,000 meals for those suffering food s=insecurity in our local community. Not only did we surpass our goal, but we also had our donations matched by the Nikita Foundation, which increased the meals we raised to over 20,000.
Click the image to the right to learn more.

11. Free Chat & Email Support
Keystroke offers free digital support to all our customers (inclusive of chat & email), as well as 5-minutes & it's free phone support (exclusive of remote assistance).

12. Subscription Addon Discounts
Linktivity PerksAll new and renewing Keystroke subscriber customers with Orange Care get exclusive discounts to our popular subscription addons like Linktivity, Handheld Contact, Qsales, Knowtifier, Act4mail, and many others.  It doesn't matter which product you're interested in, eligibe customers are offered 50% off the first year's subscription for the primary account holder. Each of these powerful online productivity products leverages the Act! Web API, a key benefit to being an Act! subscriber, so we thought we'd add a little more value to the subscription for our customers.
Click the image to the right to learn more.

13. Exclusive Online Utilities
Our development team is always working to provide our customers time & cost savings solutions to help them Act! better. In addition to our exclusive KAM, we've developed online pro-ration calculatorsappointment setting servicesforeign exchange calculatorsonline Act! quoting toolsupport contract renewal portaladdon license renewal tools, knowledge base, and our main download site.

There are other reasons to choose us, of course, but we think the top 13 are plenty. If you're looking to get the most from your Act! CRM investment, don't hesitate to choose the name brand amongst Act! resellers around the world. Our team of exprts will work with you to identify your business goals and objectives so that we can craft an Act! implementation strategy that fits your business needs.

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