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Written by Ken Quigley
December 28 2022

We've been selling Act! for a while. In fact, Keystroke has sold more Act! than any other company in history, outside of Act! themselves. So when we say we know what works with purchasing Act!, it's not a bold statement. And the one thing we've learned over the years is having a support plan improves the user experience immeasurably, and the reasons are simple:

  • Fewer work disruptions and the ones that do occur are shorter in duration
  • Quicker deployments and faster upgrades, so users enjoy the latest Act features!
  • Addons are set up and supported for optimal use, meaning people get the most from Act!
  • Customers learn all the features available with Act!, and how they can benefit their business
  • Keystroke support plans include free custom tables, the number one way to augment the power and capability of Act!

For these reasons, we're launching an exciting new offer in the 1st quarter of the New Year. Starting in 2023, new & renewing customers who bundle their purchases with Orange Care support plans will get the opportunity to sign-up for any of our subscription add-ons for one year at 50% off. Yes, you read that right; the first six months of any new addon subscription will be offered free of charge to any customer who adds Orange care to a new or renewing subscription.

We're so confident in this plan and our products, we'll extend this offer to Act! Pro customers when they bundle Orange Care with their purchase.

And there is no limit to how many of these products you can subscribe to either. You can get one or all of the Linktivity subscriptions, or sign-up for Handheld Contact, MailManager, Qsales, Optin Manager, Act4mail, you name it. There are only a few conditions to this offer:

  1. The purchase must go through one of our Keystroke sales reps (not available on our website)
  2. The subscriptions must be bundled with a new order, or an on-time renewal of an existing subscription.
  3. The 50% discount only applies to the first year of the addon's subscription, and not renewals or lapsed accounts.
  4. Must be redeemed in Q1 of 2023.

The first condition is for the customer's benefit because the sales rep will know best what products to recommend, rather than leave it to a new Act! customer to sift through over one hundred eligible products. As the saying goes, you don't know what you don't know, so your sales rep can ensure your CRM needs are met with a free consult.

The second condition isn't very limiting since it includes all new, returning, and renewing customers. The only issue is timing, which is that the addons must be bundled with an Act! order.

The third condition is simple; we want people use these savings to try new products. If we're prepared to offer hundreds of dollars in savings across multiple products in exchange for the cost of Orange Care for as little past $120, we think it's fair to limit the offer to addons they're not already using.

The fourth condition exists because all promotions have a beginning and an end, and we think three months is a lot.

Support Team
To deliver the best support to our customers, Keystroke employs ten full-time tech support staff that work from 8AM-7PM Monday-Friday, with a full-time support manager and coordinator to ensure optimal response times. In fact, many members of our support team come directly from Act!, and have been supporting the product for ten years or more. And unlike other support reps, our team is trained in the setup and support of our addons - the largest collection of addons anywhere with 100+ products.

Get the best Act! experience with our Orange Care support plans, and take advantage of the biggest discounts on our subscription addons. You'll not only save money, but we'll even setup the program for you to ensure you Act! right from the start.

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