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When you're in the software business you come to learn the difference between a customer and apc 1 client. A customer will purchase products from you as it suits their interests, and there is seldom any "value add" service involved in the transaction. In fact, most vendors are aware that "customers" will shop elsewhere if there is any perceived benefit to doing so because there is no real relationship there.

Clients, on the other hand, seek out advice and service in their transaction, and in doing so establish a bit more reliance, and the vendor, in turn, owes them a higher duty of care when servicing them. The duty of care is raised further still by subscription, which is a transaction that implies an ongoing obligation to improve and support the product or service your clients are subscribing to.

It was with this distinction in mind that Keystroke recently was inspired to honour and reward our loyal clients with a "membership", the "Keystroke Quality Client" membership, and yes, we intend to convey many privileges to this membership, but more on that later.


The KQC Membership is comprised of those clients that have engaged us in both ongoing product and service transactions, and to whom we owe that higher duty of care we spoke of. Specifically, the KQC membership is reserved for those subscribing to both Act! and our Orange Care support plans. 

KQC Membership Plans

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$10.00per month/per user
(billed annually)
  • Orange Care Support Plan
  • Keystroke Tables subscription for each user
  • Free Upgrades for perpetual Keystroke software when new versions released*
  • 10% discounts on all Keystroke software
  • 10% discounts on all service rates (including database repair & conversions, project scoping, template & web design, etc., but excluding Orange Care


$15.00per month/per user
(billed annually)
  • Orange Care Plus Support Plan
  • 1-hour of VIP support per user
  • Keystroke Tables subscription for each user
  • Free Upgrades for perpetual Keystroke software when new versions released*
  • 10% discounts on all Keystroke software
  • 10% discounts on all other service rates (including database repair & conversions, project scoping, template or web design services, etc., but excluding Orange Care)
  • Free Knowtifier Lite

KQC Membership Eligibility & Conditions

Membership Eligibility

Act! Subscription
Subscription of an Act! Premium product in Windows or the Cloud where Keystroke is the Reseller of Record. These subscriptions may also include Act! Premium, Act! Premium Cloud, or Act! Growth Suite. Benefits of an Act! subscription include ongoing updates & upgrades, and access to all WebAPI tools like Dynamic Pipelines and Insight Reporting, as well as support for add-ons like Handheld Contact API and Linktivity products.

Orange Care and Orange Care Plus
OrangeCare & Orange Care Plus are annual support plans comprised of Level 1&2 phone and email support (up to 30 minutes per subscriber/per day), with support defined as help with troubleshooting Act! with installations or general use, upgrades, application configuration, basic usability and functionality. Unlike with Swiftpage Support, OrangeCare includes setup and support of Actcessories, as well, ensuring your entire Act! eco-system is covered. 

Membership Conditions

Fine Print
* All perpetual license software must be purchased during the term of a customer's Orange Care subscription to be eligible for free upgrades later. Moreover,  the customer's Orange Care and Act! Subscriptions must remain active and uninterrupted between the original product purchase and the release of the newer version to be eligible for free upgrades of those products.

  • Act! subscription must be purchased through Keystroke to be eligible for KQC Membership benefits. KQC Membership benefits have no cash value and are not transferrable.
  • 10% discount on service rates do not apply to Orange Care fees.
  • Discounts cannot be combined with other promotions.
  • Discounts do not apply to products or services provided by Act! LLC.

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