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Category: News
Written by Ken Quigley
September 30 2020

The new Act! SaaS service is a multi-tenant architecture with Single Sign-on Service that is the fastest online version of Act! ever released. SaaS, which stands for Software-as-a-Service, is a software licensing and delivery model in which software is licensed on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted. The Act! SaaS is a completely rebuilt service with a 64-bit architecture that is blazing fast, and commericially is being offered in three tiers - Essentials, Standard, and Expert.

Each tier will be differentiated by CRM features, storage capacity, and the number of email sends per month, but all will be software free. Yes, you read that right, no more software to install or syncing databases to deploy with the new Act! SaaS as everything is in the cloud. All tiers include Act! Marketing Automation, and all will be available below $50/user/month. That's right, all three tiers will be cheaper than the current Growth Suite Professional tier.

What's more is purchase fulfillment is completed right within the web interface, and you have both annual and monthly purchase options.

SaaS tiers

All tiers include the following Basic CRM features:

  • Contacts, Calendar, Companies, Basic Groups & partial Opportunities (includes sales process, detail and list views, products) , Task Lists, Act! Companion, Relationships, Import/Export, Notes/Histories, Layout Designer, Marketing Automation, Reports, Search, Secondary Contacts, User Management, Timeline, partial Define Fields (edit existing fields, but not create new ones), Web Info Tab, and partial Welcome Page (does not include the ability to add/remove charts)
  • AMA upgrade options for features, send limits, additional domains will be available all tiers at an additional fee

ESSENTIALS new tile side view5 500pxEssentials ($15/per user/month):

  • 2GB Storage capacity
  • 2500 Email Sends/month
  • Basic Act! CRM features listed above. 

Standard ($30/per user/month):

  • STANDARD new tile side view5 500px4GB Storage capacity
  • 10,000 Email Sends/month
  • Basic Act! CRM features listed above, Plus the following:
    • Outlook/Google Integration, Mail Merge, Dynamic Groups, partial Opportunities, Act! Connect, partial Act! Insight (default canned Insights charts, no ability to 'create a view' or 'create a chart') and Team Management

Expert ($45/per user/month):

  • EXPERT new tile side view5 500px6GB Storage capacity
  • 25,00 Email Sends/month
  • All "Standard" Act! CRM features listed above, Plus the following:
    • Full Act! Insights, Full Define Fields, Full Opportunities, and Full Welcome Page

Just to reiterate, the new Act! SaaS offerings include no software to install or syncing databases to deploy so new accounts can be provisioned within minutes. The same try-before-you-buy experience is available so you can test drive all the features at blazing speeds to determine which tier is right for you and your team. Be sure to join us for our webinar on scheduled on the SaaS release date of October 15th, 3PM EDT (the webinar recording is HERE).

If you're a long-time Act! user with lots of customizations, add-ons, a large database, and you require offline access to your database then SaaS may not be the right solution for you. Please call 1-833-ACT-BOLD to speak with one of our consultants if you have any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions on the new Act! SaaS

  • Will subscribers on current cloud offerings (Act! Premium Cloud, Act! Growth Suite Cloud) be migrated to Act! CRM (SaaS)?
    We will notbe auto-migrating any current cloud-based subscribers to Act! CRM at this time, but we encourage all customers -whether on a perpetual license, a premise-based subscription, or a cloud-based subscription -to evaluate how Act! CRM may be able to better meet their current and future needs.
  • Feature-gating of CRM is new for Act!, how does it work?
    Our current subscription tiers are differentiated on Marketing functionality and Customer Support benefits, whereas the CRM functionality is uniform across all tiers.The tiers in Act! CRM are differentiated across all three dimensions -CRM, Marketing, and Customer Support capabilities and benefits. For example, Google & Outlook integration are only available in the middle and top tier of Act! CRM, whereas custom Act! Insight charts are only available in the top tier.
  • Is Marketing Automation included in Act! CRM like it was in Act! Growth Suite?
    The marriage of CRM and Marketing is a differentiator for Act! in the SMB market and we will continue to deliver solutions that provide this unique cumulative value.With Act! CRM, we are including robust eMarketingcapabilities in all three tiers.This includes powerful yet easy-to-use design / send / track functionality to help SMB customers drive effective customer outreach and attract new business.For those who require more sophisticated capabilities, two Marketing Automation packages are available as add-ons for the middle and top tier of Act! CRM for an additional charge at the account level.
  • Can clients host their own database?
    No, clients cannot host their own database for Act! CRM (SaaS) plans.
  • Will Act! users have an offline Windows client that syncs to the server?
    No, the Act! SaaS is a true SaaS solution with no software to install and no databases to deploy. 
  • Is monthly billing only available for Act! CRM (SaaS)?
    Yes, monthly billing is available for our new Act! CRM (SaaS) plans.
  • Will clients be able to monitor the usage of their allowed space? If 2gig, determine how much is left?
    Yes, it's updated daily in the My Act! profile, within the product.
  • Can I upgrade from product tier to tier in the middle of a subscription?
    Yes, upgrades from tier to tier may take place mid-subscription.The pro-rated amount remaining on the original subscription will be applied to the upgraded subscription.Downgrades may take place at the time of renewal only.
  • Can the Marketing Automation upgrade packages be added to any tier of Act! CRM?
    The Complete and Advanced Marketing Automation upgrade packages can be added to the Act! CRM –Standard and Act! CRM –Expert product tiers.Neither package can be added to the Act! CRM –Essentials tier.
  • What happens if I run out of Cloud storage?
    Act! CRM allows for a set amount of Cloud storage for each tier which is shared at the account level.The Essentials tier provides 2Gb, the Standard tier provides 4Gb, and the Expert tier provides 6Gb. Storage is monitored by Act! and the customer will be contacted and/or prompted to purchase more storage should they reach or exceed the respective limits.
    Additional Cloud storage may be purchased in increments of 4Gb for $60/year.
  • What happens if I reach my monthly Email Marketing send limit?
    Each tier of Act! CRM includes a set number of emails, shared at the account level, which may be sent each month. The Essentials tier provides 2,500/mo., the Standard tier provides 10,000/mo., and the Expert tier provides 25,000/mo. If a user attempts to send an email to an audience larger than the number of emails they have remaining for the month, the email will send, but only to the number of recipients remaining under their monthly threshold. The email will remain in a “hold” status for the remaining recipients.The user will receive an email outlining this “hold” and provide them the option to wait until their email allowance resets the following month, or to purchase additional email sends prior. Additional email sends may be purchased in increments of 2,500/mo. for $10/mo. (paid annually).
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