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Written by Ken Quigley
September 30 2020
It's that time of year again, and Keystroke is excited to announce our 5th annual “Actoberfest” "salebration". This year is our biggest promotion ever as we offer 25% discounts on 3 different add-on products each week for the whole month, with a surprise Act! sale for the second half of October (to be announced at the October 15th webinar)!
The three selected products will be announced each Monday, with the last 2-weeks including the surprise we mentioned. The first week will include several of our top sellers, namely Act4outlook v5, DeDuper, and Mapper, with all being discounted 25% from October 1st through the 10th.
Join us for our Actoberfest Webinar scheduled for 3PM EDT October 15th, where we'll demo the new Act! SaaS products, the new Keystroke Actcess Manager, Our secret Actoberfest Promo, and the future of Act! Growth Suite. Click HERE to register.
The products feature in Week #1 of Actoberfest are as follows:

Mapper4Act! Features:

  • Display your contacts on an interactive map.mapper 370x306px
  • Create groups based on a geo fence.
  • Send a map of the contacts to any email address.
  • Route driving directions through up to twenty-six contacts.
  • Create a radial lookup of your contacts from any contact as a center point.
  • Save $29.75 during Actoberfest


Act4outlook features:

  • Reliable Act-Outlook integration.act4outlook 370x306px
  • Create Act! Lookups from one or more emails in your inbox.
  • Superfast History recording for both inbound and outbound emails.
  • Copy contacts from Act! to Outlook, or from Outlook to Act!
  • Copy activities from Act! to Outlook, or from Outlook to Act!
  • Copy Tasks from Outlook to Act!
  • Create Contacts & Activities from emails.
  • Save $9.24 during Actoberfest


DeDuper Features:

  • Combine two or more contacts, companies, groups, or opportunities.deduper 370x306px
  • Custom tables combine under the surviving contact, company, group, or opportunity.
  • "Empty Field" feature allows DeDuper to optimize the combining process by ensuring values within fields in the deleted contacts update corresponding blank fields in the surviving contact.
  • Allows you to calibrate which fields you see in preview mode.
  • Allows you to instantly see which is the oldest, newest, or most recently edited contact in preview mode.
  • Writes details to the Notes section of the surviving contact indicating which contacts were deleted in the de-duping process.
  • And now includes a handy "suggested" contact in preview mode, that bolds the contact that is both the oldest and most recently edited contact.
  • Save $25.49 during Actoberfest

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