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Written by Ken Quigley
September 23 2020

Over the last couple of years, a lot has changed in the Act! world. With the introduction of Act! Marketing Automation, the sunsetting of Swiftpage eMarketing & Act! eMarketing, Support Policy changes, and the soon to be released SaaS solution, there has been a lot to keep track of.

And as exciting as many of these changes are, much gets missed in the inbox. Keystroke regularly publishes blogs, newsletters, and email bulletins with news of these updates, but many customers still report surprise when these changes affect them, or worse yet, when savings opportunities are missed. We've even had people opt-out of email communication from us, and still complain they didn't know about changes that affected their Act! plans. 

This situation was one of the inspirations behind the new Keystroke Account Manager (KAM), and after several months of development, we're super excited to offer this to our customers soon.

KAM screen

The Keystroke Account Manager (KAM)

The Keystroke Account Manager application is the evolution of our Keystroke VIP Portal that provided our customers access to all their Act! subscription, software, and support contract details, with easy-to-use integrated renewal options. As popular as this portal was, though, we got feedback that it needed to be more feature-rich, mobile-friendly, and offer a wider range of access for it be used more regularly.

To that end, we set out to build the Keystroke Account Manager (KAM) that would deliver the following functionality in a mobile-friendly way:

  • Provide easy access to all VIP details like Act! subscription, software licensing, and even support contract information that allows you to save time & money with easy online renewal features
  • Alert our customers to news updates similar to how you get notifications from social media
  • Deliver direct access to our online chat service without logging in or identifying yourself. Get the answers you need fast and from your mobile device
  • Easily calculate the cost of adding users to your team with our handy “Proration Calculator”. Simply enter your renewal date, the price you paid per seat on your last invoice, and the quantity of seats you want to add, and it automatically displays your prorated cost. What’s even better, it even allows you to pay for those seats immediately from your device.
  • Canadians have one-click access to the day's Foreign Exchange rates
  • Book appointments online with our sales or support team, or with any individual member of our staff using the popular Book2act software developed by Keystroke
  • And include links to “Pay your bill”, “Contact us”, “Shop online”, and even our Knowledgebase

The KAM is scheduled to be launched in mid-October 2020 as part of our “Actoberfest” celebrations, and will be free to all our Act! subscription customers. To learn more about the KMA, click HERE, and watch your inbox for more updates coming soon.


More fast facts on the Keystroke Account Manager (KAM)

  • kelm mandy ipadiphoneIt is FREE! Any Keystroke customer with an Act! subscription, past or present, can use the KAM
  • Check on upcoming events
  • It works in both IOS and Android
  • While it's a mobile app, most functions work in all browsers and on all platforms (including PC and MAC)
  • The information you're seeing is being accessed in real-time from our own database, and is using our exclusive Keystroke API
  • Save time & money by using the easy-renewal features for our support contracts
  • Did we mention it's FREE?
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