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Category: News
Written by Ken Quigley
December 21 2021

Yesterday we hosted the 2nd Annual Keystroke Virtual Christmas Party, and while it was fun, we certainly hope next year we can assemble together in person. From a staffing perspective, 2021 certainly was a year of change as we saw the departure of team members like Paul, Farah, Adrielle, Bhavin, and Lyleen, along with the return of Joe and the long awaited arrival of Fajar.

Keystroke trophyFor those that remain, the KOPA's (the Keystroke Orange Peel Awards) are awarded to seven team members that have distinguished themselves in their respective departments with their superlative efforts. It's never an easy task selecting winners, as there are always more worthy recipients than there are trophies, but the following represent the 2021 roster of KOPA Winners:

  • Top Developer: Ahsan Khalid – with the release of KAPI and Qsales v13, there was little doubt who came out on top of this strong field this year
  • Top Admin: Sarfraz Habib - our accountant stayed on top of many government changes and subsidies, and ensured got the benefit’s we were entitled to
  • Top Salesperson: For the 3rd year in a row, our Sales Manager James Young prevailed with almost as many sales as the other two sales reps combined
  • Eager Beaver: Although he’s not with us today, few could deny that Carlos Silva, our intrepid marketing manager, has become the heart of this company with his tireless energy, talent, and unrelenting smile
  • Top Support: Few people on this team represent such a harsh contrast between how the look and how they perform than Greg Davis (a.k.a. "Forrest"). Externally a hard rocker, but always the soft-spoken professional at work who is at the top of the support stats almost every month. Forrest is our repeat winner as Support Person of the year.
  • Top KPP: If we were to go with top sales, I think no one could overcome the McCandlish’s at ASDS each year, but I try to judge the top KPP for not simply for sales, but new business, the volume of leads they generate, and their efforts to learn new technologies. And on those criteria, I think there’s little doubt that Tony Holowitz is this year’s Top KPP
  • MVP: This new award was created to recognize the person whose total contribution to the company surpassed all others. It’s not to say we don’t have numerous candidates or above-and-beyond contributors, but this award represents the one that influenced the company’s success more than any other. And that person, to no one’s surprise, was Ahsan Khalid.

Each of the Award Winners will receive a $500 bonus and their KOPA trophy shipped to them.

Honourary mentions go out to James Paulus, Katerina, Craig, Vic, and Michael Kadlub. Please click HERE to see the profiles of all members of the Keystroke Team.

Thank you all! 

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