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Category: News
Written by Ken Quigley
October 01 2019

Important Subscription Notice from Swiftpage

For Loyalty Customers without Support (Paying less than $20/user/month)

Effective January 1st, 2020, Swiftpage will be phasing out all grandfathered “Loyalty” and “Early Adopter” subscription plans dating back to May 2015. If you’re reading this notice, your 2020 renewal will be affected by this policy change

Why are they doing this?

The simple answer is that Swiftpage intends to move forward with one Act! subscription offering, namely Act! Growth Suite, which is a combination of Act! CRM, Marketing Automation, Hosting, and Technical Support. Starting the fall launch, Act! Premium will no longer be sold as a standalone CRM product.

What does this mean to you?

This unified CRM & marketing platform offers many exciting opportunities for subscribers, but it also impacts some Act! Premium subscription accounts differently, and we wanted to explain today how your account will be affected.

Loyalty Subscribers without support (paying less than $19/user/month)
If your account is categorized as “Bronze” or “Loyalty without support”, your grandfathered rate is the cheapest of all subscribers with a monthly user cost ranging between $14-19 per seat, and your plan is also unique in the following ways:

  • It was discontinued in 2016, with only a single digit percentage of users still on such plans
  • It is the only plan to not include technical support of any kind, which normally costs each user approximately $5/month as part of normal subscriptions.
  • Does not include any emarketing plans or benefits

The Bronze plans are being discontinued at the end of this year, which means the cost adjustment for renewal next year will be higher than other subscribers, because the replacement plans for them will add both technical support and Marketing Automation, not simply the latter. Accordingly, your accounts are scheduled to be remapped to $30 per seat under the normal renewal process .

We know this is a big jump, but there two major cost mitigators we want to share with you.

Firstly, between now and the end of this year, Swiftpage is offering accounts such as yours the opportunity to migrate early for a significant discount, and lock in those savings for the future.

Here are the details.

Despite enjoying years of the lowest rates for Act!, you can now upgrade to Act! Growth Suite for only $25 per user, per month. That’s right, you can step into the Professional tier of Marketing Automation, which previously had an account cost of $948 per year, for the same price as what just Act! cost new users earlier this year.

That’s right, for only $25/user/month you’ll get unlimited technical support from Swiftpage, and the following Act! Marketing Automation tools:

  • 10,000 sends per month
  • An interactive drag and drop template editor with mobile & desktop preview
  • Social sharing, landing pages, and lead capture tools
  • A visual workflow designer, drip marketing, and surveys
  • And Marketing calendar, real-time campaign metrics, and deliverability & compliance tools

Keystroke mitigates the first year cost
While we strongly believe this deal offers excellent value, we’re also aware unexpected costs are seldom welcomes, so we want to help mitigate this transition with the following offer.

If you upgrade your account to Act! Growth Suite between now and the end of the year, we’ll not only lock you into this preferred rate moving forward, but Keystroke will also discount your first year by an additional 10% - translating to $2.50 savings per user/per month. We’re so convinced that once you try Act! Marketing Automation, and see the impact it has on your business growth, you’ll better appreciate the value with your next renewal.

So to recap, if you migrate your account to Growth Suite through us before the end of the year, and pay only $22.50/user/month the first year, your subsequent renewals will be locked in at the $25/user/month tier.

We know this is a lot of change to process, and we want to earn your well-informed business. If you have any questions, please dial 1-833-ACT-BOLD and ask for James (ext. 703) Suzanne (ext. 325), or myself (ext. 301), and we’d be happy to help explain this transition, as well as provide a precise quotation on the cost adjustment.

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