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Act! Growth Suite


The age of Act! Growth Suite is Here

On May 1st, 2019, Swiftpage announced the launch of Act! Growth Suite 2.0 as part of the Spring release of Act! 21.1, and usher in a new era for the Act! product line.  Growth Suite 2.0 includes Act! CRM, Marketing Automation and Support, and introduces four major changes to the Act! product line.


The following is a breakdown of these four major changes:

1. New Tiers

New Growth Suite Tiers

The first major change everyone will notice with Growth Suite 2.0 is the new tier names. The old Act! Marketing Automation tiers of Select, Complete, and Advanced will give way to Growth Suite "Professional", "Premier", and "Ultimate", with each tier including one free license of Act!, support, and AMA. For clarity, not only will the old tiers cease to exist come May, AMA will no longer be available as a standalone product for existing Act! users. 

This is a good change because now customers have a choice.

Since November, AMA could only be added to an existing Act! subscription account as an upgrade, with the initial AMA term being aligned with that subscription. This process allowed the subscriber to start using AMA at a smaller prorated amount, and thereby reduce the barrier to entry, but it also reduced their potential savings. As the promotional discounts of 10-25% were being offered on the first year, only the prorated amount got discounted, meaning new customers got much less than 12-months of savings.

Swiftpage solved this problem with Growth Suite Suite 2.0.

Starting May 1st, existing subscribers will have the option to either prorate a Growth Suite upgrade to be coterminous with their current subscription, or start a whole new Growth Suite subscription account. The latter method would see the customer receive credit for any unused time from their previous subscription, and get a full year of discounts applied to their new Growth Suite account.


Another improvement being introduced with Growth Suite 2.0 is the addition of features like "asset management" and "marketing calendar" to all three tiers of AMA, along with an upgrade of the Complete Tier, now known as "Premier", to include of the Advanced HTML editor that was previously an exclusive benefit of the Advanced or Ultimate tier.  The Advanced HTML feature allows users to import HTML files from external sources, and use sales templates with their campaigns.


Growth Suite 2.0 is the single biggest change in the Act! product line in recent memory, and marks a dramatic change in direction for the publisher. Swiftpage is moving towards Act! being not simply a CRM, but an eco-system of services designed to help businesses grow, and in our opinion, the Growth Suite is a homerun - a no-compromise marketing technology combined with a CRM solution that has been trusted by millions for over 30 years.

Keystroke Success Commitment

As part of your Act! Growth Suite subscription, Keystroke will support your success with an hour of FREE one-to-one Marketing Automation training, bundle our exclusive Opt-in Manager at no cost to help optimize & verify your distribution list, and then provide FREE ongoing monthly classroom Act! training to ensure you get the most from your CRM investment.

Growth Suite Tiers

The following are the three tiers of the new Growth Suite 2.0, with each of them including one license of Act! Premium CRM, Act! Marketing Automation, and an escalating level of Swiftpage technical support.
To maximize deliverability, Keystroke is the only Act! reseller to provide all our new Growth Suite customers a free subscription of the Opt-in Manager to help them validate the emails in their distribution list, as well as harvest a reliable consent-based marketing list (duration of Opt-in Manager subscription based on Growth Suite tier). 


$7900per month/billed annually
(Includes one Act! license)


  • Act! Premium Cloud license (hosted or self-hosted
  • Select Marketing Automation (see tier breakdown below) with 10K monthly sends and outbound workflow
  • Regular Swiftpage technical support

Each additional Act! license costs $35/month
(billed annually)

Keystroke Exclusive Benefit:
3-month subscription of
The Opt-in Manager

(Maximize deliverability with a well scrubbed opt-in list)
Most Popular


per month/billed annually
(Includes one Act! license)
Most Popular


  • Act! Premium Cloud license (hosted or self-hosted)
  • Complete Marketing Automation (see tier breakdown below) with 50K monthly sends and outbound/inbound workflow, and advanced HTML editor
  • Premier Swiftpage support
Each additional Act! license costs $35/month
(billed annually)

Keystroke Exclusive Benefit:
6-month subscription of
The Opt-in Manager

(Maximize deliverability with a well scrubbed opt-in list)


$39900per month/billed annually
(Includes one Act! license)


  • Act! Premium Cloud license (hosted or self-hosted)
  • Advanced Marketing Automation (see tier breakdown below) with 100K monthly sends and outbound/outbound workflow
  • Premier Swiftpage technical support
Each additional Act! license costs $35/month
(billed annually)

Keystroke Exclusive Benefit:
1-Year subscription of
The Opt-in Manager

(Maximize deliverability with a well scrubbed opt-in list)
Existing Act! subscribers should contact to determine their eligibility for prorated credit, and the amount thereof.

Act! Growth Suite Plan Feature Comparison Chart

When proven CRM meets powerful Marketing Automation, the possibilities are limitless! Act! provides the ultimate toolset to grow your small business. Compare the features of our Growth Suite plans below, and choose the one right to boldly grow your business.
Growth Suite features & benefits
One Free Act! Premium Subscription
Hosting Included
Support Level
Free "Opt-in Manager" subscription through
The Opt-in Manager is a software application & online service that takes only a couple of minutes to setup before you can be broadcasting your pre-written opt-in request emails to all your contacts in quickly and easily. It now also includes integration for validating all your emails in one step. Exclusively for those buying Growth Suite through
Marketing Automation Features by Tier
Email Sends Per Month
Additional 2,500 email sends per month
Email marketing
Send beautiful, responsive campaigns to your Act! contacts & groups. Dynamically merge fields from your contacts in Act!
Interactive drag & drop template editor
Build responsive email campaigns using the drag & drop interactive editor. Get started with 25 sampel templates, then customize imagery, colours, fonts, and more to fit your brand. Import photos from repositories like Dropbox, or use one of 500,000 free, high quality stock photos via Unsplash, Pexels, and Pixabay
Mobile & desktop preview
View desktop and mobile campaign previews to ensure your images, content, and other campaign components render perfectly before you send them
Create online surveys and polls using multiple question types, including radio buttons, sliders, ratings, and more to gather information about your prospects and customers. Responses are mapped to fields in Act! automatically for richer prospect and customer profiles
Landing pages & lead capture
Design effective lead capture forms on landing pages or embed forms on your website to grow your prospect database. New leads are automatically added to your Act! once a form is completed
Visual workflow designer
Use the visual workflow designer, provide a graphical representation of your communication flow, to easily build your multi-stage campaigns. Edit existing stages or add new ones from this intuitive workflow view
Drip marketing
Build multi-stage drip campaigns using visual workflow designer to send a series of automated campaigns or communications to your prospects and customers. View email statistics and manage subscribers in each state of your drip campaign
Deliverability & compliance tools
Rest assured your campaigns will reach inboxes because AMA is backed by an expert delivery team that helps you manage your sender reputation, giving you outstanding delivery rates. Access numerous compliance tools to help with GDPR & CASL compliance, spam analysis, managing opt-outs via the unsubscribe designer where you can customize your opt-out page, global suppression against email addresses or domains, and pre-campaign exclusion lists
Real-time campaign metrics
View real-time campaign metrics, covering opens, clicks, and comparative stats per campaign or company-wide against a time range you apply to understand the success of your campaigns and improve your marketing strategy over time. Individual campaign results push to Act! contact records automatically for a detailed, reportable interaction history.
Getting Started Concierge
Enjoy concierge service from onboarding experts who help get you setup, logged in, and started right away
Marketing Calendar
Get an easy calendar view of all your past and scheduled campaigns by Day, Week, or Month. You can also filter by users or show all.
CRM workflow with prioritized sales follow-up
Automate workflow between sales and marketing to maximise engagement at every phase of the customer journey. Watch as AMA turns real-time response metrics into sales actions - alerting you of new prospects, prioritizing follow-ups, and delivering a composite view of engagement in a single solution. Notify Act! users via email and create Act! activities and/or opportunities automatically based on campaign & website interactions or completed lead forms and surveys
Social sharing
Publish campaigns to social sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to engage your social networks to expand your reach. Drive traffic to your social networks with social buttons in the footer of all your campaigns
Asset Tracking
Asset tracking allows you to surface videos or documents in conjunction with webforms to harvest sign-ups in your database. A great tool for controlling the release of your digital assets, which tracking audience interest.
Response-driven nurture marketing
Build highly personalized, response driven nurture marketing campaigns using the visual campaign workflow designer and let AMA do the work for you. Campaigns are automatically triggered by recipient responses based on criteria you define
Lead management & scoring
Use lead scoring to understand your most interested prospects based on campaign engagement, survey/web form responses, and website interactions. Prioritized leads are pushed into Act! groups automatically for easy sales follow-up. Setup automated tasks and alerts in Act! to keep deals moving and close sales faster
Advanced lead capture & surveys
Take lead capture and surveys to the next level with advanced forms and surveys that allows further actions in Act!. Create Act! activities and opportunities automatically based on recipient responses. Send notificiations to Act! users when responses come in. Even load contacts into specific campaigns automatically
Website activity tracking & analytics
Identify prospects on your website in real-time to engage with them when they're most interested. See who's been on your site today, yesterday, this week, last week, or the last 30-days. Gain rich insites with the web intel dashboard for visitor profiling, interactions per visit, visitor bounce rates, traffic sources, and entry and exit pages. Web visits feed into lead scoring profiles and create activities for sales follows in Act! automatically
Advanced HTML email editor
Import and edit your existing HTML templates using the WYSIWYG email editor or build new HTML campaigns from scratch
Multi-stage lead profiling
Gather information about a prospect over time with multi-stage lead profiling to steadily build a rich prospect profile in Act!
A/B testing
Test specific elements of two campaigns to pinpoint your most impactful subject lines, email content, and more. Use the results to continually refine your content for improved results
Deliverability & marketing consulting services
Accelerate your success with expert guidance designed to help you manage sender reputation, improve inbox delivery rates, comply with GDPR, build campaigns, develop templates, and more. A one-hour session is included with the advanced campaign
1-hour included
Regular Monthly Cost (billed annually)
Additional domain (per domain, per month)
Additional 2,500 email sends (per month)
= Included
= Included with extra cost
= Excluded
For more details on the differences between the three Growth Suite tiers, please click HERE.

Act Marketing Automation Training Library

Learn more about Act! Marketing Automation with the Swiftpage library of training videos (40+ videos and growing). Each video is short and feature focused, allowing you to target the learning areas you need and want most.
Click on one of the categories below to start your learning.

AMA Overview

Working with templates
Drip Marketing
Landing pages
Asset Management

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