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Category: Bold Acts
Written by Ken Quigley
September 10 2019 is a Canadian company based in Markham, Ontario, that specializes in retrofitting homes with soundproof windows. Soundproof windows can reduce external noise penetration into a home by up to 70%, and is the Canadian industry leader in this field.

As long time Act! users, staff rely on Act! and Handheld Contact (HHC) to organize their onsite visits, record inspection details, create opportunities, and send out quotes. Like many, uses Act! Marketing Automation for the newsletters, but what makes their use of Act! & HHC so unique is how well they tie the pipeline management of all their opportunities into their quoting workflow.

For instance, tracking leads through their website, adding them into Act!, and following up with customers to schedule onsite estimates is fairly routine. Act! has an easy-to-use calendar system, which is synced regularly with their Handheld Contact.

When an appointment is made, the sales staff follow the same repeatable workflow each time:

  1. Use the mobile mapping feature of HHC to plot the quickest route to the prospects house
  2. Meet the customer, and once they receive all the job details, create an Opportunity in HHC with all the customer’s requirements
  3. Whether it’s for one window or more, the sales rep adds in all the costs in as line items in the opportunity, includes the appropriate labour, and adjust for quantity as needed.
  4. With that completed, the rep then clicks on one button to select “Quote”, and a professional quote is rendered in under 2-seconds, that is ready to email. The customer literally gets a quote in their inbox before the sales rep leaves, giving them an opportunity to close the deal immediately.
  5. If the deal requires follow-up, that is scheduled in HHC, synced back to the office, and the whole encounter becomes part of the users pipeline and future activities.

It’s important to note that the Bquiet staff are not especially technical, and they were not initially excited to move away from their tried-n-true spreadsheet quoting system. The time savings and easy customer-facing workflow proved too compelling to resist, and once the decision was made, adoption was easy.

Now, it should be noted that some onsite visits involve jobs that are too complex, or require too many custom calculations to be completed onsite, so for these deals the sales reps create an opportunity in HHC as a placeholder, takes detailed notes for follow-up, and then complete the quote back at the office. One of the reps LOVES how he can talk into the notes section of HHC and have all his words converted to text. This makes him feel “techy”.

Once back at the office, the sales rep completes the Opportunity that synced back to Act! from HHC, and adds in all the remaining custom costing details. When that’s done, the rep clicks on the “Quoting4act” icon in the Opportunity window (works in both Windows & Web), and it instantly generates a professional looking quote that can be emailed with one more click. This quoting system allows him to add sales tax, shipping costs, required deposits, you name it, while customizing it with their corporate logos, colours, and even disclaimer info at the bottom.

At the end of the day makes great products that can turn a house in a noisy, heavily trafficked neighbourhood into a peaceful family home. Act!, Handheld Contact, and Quoting4act makes their sales workflow a little easier and time efficient.


Bquiet Soundproof Windows
500 Alden Road Unit 6
Toronto, ON L3R 5H5
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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