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Written by Ken Quigley
November 08 2022

If you're a regular user of Act! and QuickBooks, and use Qsales to integrate them, the benefits of doing so are an everyday reality. When you see contacts as customers, and can intertwine CRM and accounting data, you get the perks of an ERP system without the enterprise price tag. For those people not using Qsales, the case for adopting it might be a tougher sell since they haven't experienced the difference. After all, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Unfortunately, inefficiencies in a business kill by a thousand cuts, so owners and managers may not realize the extent to which they're handicapping their productivity until it's too late. To that end, we've listed below the top three reasons Act! users should employ Qsales to integrate their QuickBooks with their CRM.

  1. Saves time
    1. signal 2022 11 08 111031 002No more duplication of data
    2. Customers can be created and updated from Act! with ease, and those changes are instantly reflected in QuickBooks
    3. Contacts can be linked to existing customers one at a time, or in batches
    4. No more toggling between programs as almost all transactions can be created and edited from within Act!
    5. Convert closed opportunities in Act! to transactions in QuickBooks
    6. Quickly duplicate past transactions when customers buy the same products or services again
    7. Convert any Opportunity into a professional-looking quote with a single click
    8. Quickly pivot from transaction inside of Act! to the same one in QuickBooks
  1. Help you understand your contacts as customers
    1. signal 2022 11 08 111031 004Quickly see a five-year profile of all of the customer transactions
    2. See the lifetime value of the customer at a glance, as well as monthly purchase patterns
    3. Understand all the products they purchase under one tab
    4. See all their transactions in one place in Act!
    5. Quickly identify credit risks with the toolbar notifier
    6. Create groups in Act! by products purchased, total sales, date of purchase, overdue balance
    7. Never lose sight of these customer insights as users have read-write access to all QuickBooks data in the office, and read access to it away from the office. 

  2. Find information faster & easier
    1. signal 2022 11 08 111031 004Quickly find any transaction in Act!, along with the contact they’re linked to
    2. Easily filter global transactions to see sales by date, rep, transaction type & value, class, you name it
    3. Search for contacts by products purchased
    4. Search for customers by transaction dates
    5. Search for customers with overdue balances
    6. Run reports inside of Act! to quickly find the following:
      1. Top customers by date range
      2. Top customers with a past-due balance
      3. Top customers with a high balance
      4. Top-grossing products
      5. Top sold products
      6. AR reports
      7. Sales reports by rep

Integrating your CRM and accounting applications together gives your whole team the account visibility they need to be more productive and informed. Having the data to see contacts as customers allows them to understand the value of an account instantly, including their account status, product preferences, payment patterns, and even the volume of business from year to year. Take your business to next level with Qsales - simply the best solution for integrating QuickBooks and Act!.

Click HERE to start your 2-week free trial today, or watch the Qsales video below.

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