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Written by Ken Quigley
March 19 2023

Whether you're a traditional Outlook user with a local Act! database, or a webmail user with your database in the Cloud, email integration is a high priority for most Act! users. This isn't conjecture, as our top-selling addons have all related to email integration, and our latest contribution to this, namely Link2mail, continues in this tradition.

However, with three solutions to choose from, it's become a bit trickier for customers to know which product is best for each situation. To resolve this, we're detailing below the use case for each email integration product we sell - Act4outlook, Act4mail, and Link2mail.

This product is far and away the top-selling Act! addon of all time. Since its inception in early 2017, we've sold an average of four Act4outlook licenses per day, and we're now on our 7th release. Act4outlook not only provides reliable email integration, it enhances the Outlook integration with improved Outlook lookups of Act! contacts and the ability to attach email Histories to all four primary tables: Contacts, Companies, Groups, and Opportunities. Our latest version even added one-way Contact & Calendar syncing. People also love the price.

Act4outlook is a perpetual license with a one-time low cost of $39.95 per activation, and is ideal for those using:

  • an on-premise version of Act! with an on-premise version of Outlook
  • a small number of workstations as it's licensed per installation

This product was developed to address the increasing popularity of Act! Premium Cloud. It has similar Outlook integration features, but does not require Act! to be locally installed. Please click HERE for a detailed feature comparison between Act4outlook and Act4mail.

Act4mail is a subscription license with a recurring cost of $35.95 per activation, and is ideal for those using:

  • an online version of Act! with an on-premise version of Outlook
  • a small number of workstations as it's licensed per installation

Link2mail is the latest addition to our family of email integration products and the newest member of the Lintivity online product Suite. Link2mail is the only one of these three products that is NOT a plugin and does NOT require Act! or Outlook to be installed.

Link2mail is a subscription license with a recurring cost of $48 annually, with no limit on activations, and is licensed per email account it monitors. This means it can be used on as many devices as the customer uses for email for one low cost.

Accordingly, Link2mail is ideal for those using:

  • a web-based email client (eg. Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail) with Act! locally installed or in the cloud
  • an email client that isn't Outlook with Act! locally installed or in the cloud
  • Mac users accessing Act! Premium Cloud through a browser
  • heavy users of mobile devices for email
  • large Act! deployments, or those users with lots of workstations that don't want to configure a plugin on every computer

So there you have it. If you're an Outlook user, the choice comes down to Act4outlook or Act4mail, and whether you're using a local or web database. Both deliver enhanced Outlook integration with reliable History recording. If you're not an Outlook user, though, Link2mail offers you choices you've never had before, with cross-platform support across PC's, Macs, and Mobile devices, as well as webmail & other email clients. 

Whatever your situation, Keystroke now offers an email integration you can count on.

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