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Are you worried about GDPR? Keystroke can help!

Category: Actcessories
20 April 2018

Do you have customers or prospects in Europe? Do you ever emarket into that region? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you need to be prepared for the introduction of the GDPR on May 25th of this year - just a little more than a month away.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) sets out strict new rules for privacy, data collection, and marketing that dwarf any previous legislation of its kind, and threatens astonishing fines for those in breach of it - up to $20M Euros or 4% of the company's global revenue

Such stringent rules have forced many companies in Europe, and around the world, to review the data they've collected on customers & prospects in that region, as well as to scrutinize the marketing that targets European businesses and consumers. 

This is a no small undertaking from a database management perspective, and while the legislation is quite encompassing, at the heart of such new marketing restrictions is the matter of "consent". Unlike the CANSPAM rules of 2003 in the United States, GDPR requires "opt-in" permission to email it's citizens, and not simply the ability to "opt out". 

This is why Keystroke has created the new Opt-In Manager for Act!, so that Act! users around the world can more easily & efficiently harvest optin permissions for their marketing campaigns. The Opt-In Manager is built on the same time-tested technology as Act!4CASL, which was a program we built to help Canadians deal with the new Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) of 2014. Back then, thousands of Canadians subscribed to this subscription service to quickly update their database with opt-in consents, with many still subscribing to this day.

The key features and benefits of this powerful subscription Actcessory are as follows:

  • It creates an optin/optout field in the Act! database
  • It will send a personalized email, with a unique hyperlink, to all selected contacts in the database, allowing the recipient to click through to get to a webpage where they can submit their opt-in or opt-out preference
  • These results are then synced to the users Act! database, thousands at a time, in less than a minute. Each of the contacts in question have their records Opt-in field updated to reflect their response, as well as a History record of the time/date of those responses.
  • This process is repeated as often as needed until their marketing lists are populated with only those providing consent. No personal data is stored in this process, and the only details record on the hosting servers are the contacts unique GUID and the yes or no response - which is deleted when the user syncs their database,

 If you’re an Act! user dealing with hundreds or thousands of contacts, the manual update process would be time prohibitive. The Opt-In Manager does the same work in minutes, and provides conscientious emarketers one more tool in their GDPR compliance efforts. 

How do you setup Opt-In Manager?

  • Install and activate the software
  • Enter your email settings into the software.
  • Opt-In Manager creates the one field and drop-down menu required in your Act! database
  • Review and edit the sample opt-in consent letter. 
  • Register your account online where your contacts response will be stored. This allows you to personalize your Opt-In Manager webpage with your business logo, as well.
  • Do a lookup of your target recipients, and then send the email with a click of a button
  • After allowing some time for your audience to respond, click the Opt-in Manager sync button to update your database with the online consents provided by your contacts.
  • Rinse, repeat.

It’s that simple, and Opt-In Manager costs only $200USD per year, and promises to save you thousands of dollars in labour, to say nothing of the reduced risk of GDPR penalties. The Opt-In Manager is available exclusively through Keystroke and authorized distributors users.

Only one subscription is necessary per account. 

Learn more at the following purchase link:



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