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Category: Actcessories
Written by Ken Quigley
July 29 2022

ConCalculator is an Act! add-on that allows you to create calculations inside of Act! fields. Calculations can be triggered automatically when you change the value of the field, keeping your fields up to date all the time.
You can also run multiple calculations for the current Contact, Group, Company or Opportunity or current lookup, and for multiple database too. Helper and Easy Mode can make this job even easier.
Some of the calculations you can run include text, math, date, conditional and logical functions. ConCalculator button can be added in Act's layouts too, which will allow you to run manual calculations if needed.

Here is a list of supported functions:

  • Calculations can run on one or multiple database
  • Calculation series - running multiple calculations at once
  • Field assignments - automatically trigger a calculation when field value is changed
  • More than 80 functions are available, including:
    • Text  (search, copy the content of one field to another, append text, replace, blank out a field.....)
    • Math (calculate an average, sum, minimum or maximum....)
    • Date (calculate an age, days, other date functions)
    • Conditional (use an If statement to populate a field)
    • Logical
  • Use Helper - to make calculations without errors
  • Easy Mode - to make  calculations painless for even beginners
  • Testing calculations to avoid errors in runtime
  • Formula Examples to help users

Download the 15-day free trial here:

Click the following screen shots of Concalculator to enlarge

 image  image 1  image 2  image 3 image 4 

Doesn't Act! have built-in field calculations?
Yes, but Concalculator has ten times the calculated field functions compared to what's already inside of Act!, and that doesn't count the many helper features we've included to make these features accessible to Act! users. Here is a comparison of those versus Concalculator.

Act! calculated fields (8 functions):
  • Date (Days since, Days until, Years since, Years until)
  • Numeric (Sum, Difference, Product and Quotient)
ConCalculator (over 80 functions, plus additional features):
  • Text (Search, Copy the content of one field to another, Append text, Replace, Blank out a field, IsNumber, IsBlank, Upper, Lower, Trim, Concatenate...)
  • Math (Average, Round, Trigonometric, Max, Min, Median, Statistics...)
  • Date (Age, LastDayMonth, LastDayQuarter, Today, WeekNum, Days, Months, Years between 2 dates, Today...)
  • Conditional (If, Switch)
  • Logical (AND, OR, NOT, XOR to allow to check and test for multiple conditions)
  • Calculation series - run multiple calculations at once
  • Field assignments - automatically trigger a calculation when field value is changed
  • Run calculations on one or multiple databases

As you can see, Concalculator helps bring your AcT! data to life. And for the month of August we'll be offering it as a "Product of the month" and discounting it 25% off. 

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