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Written by Ken Quigley
July 04 2022

In May of 2021 when we acquired Qsales from Effective Solutions, we knew we had some work ahead of us. As powerful as this accounting integration was, it was a 32-bit add-on linking two other 32-bit applications, namely Act! and QuickBooks. The trouble was we already knew that Act! was scheduled to release the first 64-bit version of its' desktop CRM product later that year in September, which would instantly break this integration.

It was, for this reason, that we developed Qsales v13, which uses a proprietary API to link the "data" of the two programs, and not the programs themselves. This new data connection enabled us to achieve many advances in the integration, not the least of which was the following:

  • creating and editing QuickBooks transactions inside of Act!
  • creating and editing QuickBooks customers and vendors inside of Act!
  • all users can access the accounting data through one QuickBooks user account, potentially saving Qsales customers thousands of dollars each year
  • new advanced reporting and user security features
  • and enhanced functionality for remote users with RDB's

Needless to say, the introduction of Qsales v13 came as a relief to the many Qsales customers that upgraded to Act! v24, who now needed to connect their 64-bit version of Act! to their 32-bit version of QuickBooks. 

As you might guess, though, things don't stay unchanged for long in the software world. A few months later QuickBooks released their own 64-bit version of their software in the form of QuickBooks v2022, meaning for us, it was once again possible to connect the two programs with compatible bitnesses - this time 64-bit with 64-bit.

It was this new development that inspired us to release "Qsales Classic". Qsales Classic is available in both 32 and 64-bit versions (v12.2 and v12.3 respectively), and will allow the connection of all compatible 32-bit versions of Act! (eg., v12 to v23) to connect with similar 32-bit versions of QuickBooks (eg. v2010 to v2021), as well as wed the two new 64-bit versions of Act! & QuickBooks to each other.

Qsales Classic will not feature the API technology introduced with v13, but for many teams of one and two users, this Classic product is a great fit. The subscription price for Classic will be the same as Qsales v13, namely $120 per year (per user), but for those small teams with older versions of Act! or QuickBooks, this is an excellent option for them and is a tried-and-true integration for over ten years. Take a two-week free trial today.

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