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Category: Act!
01 April 2019

If you haven’t already heard, we launched Act! v21 last fall, and it has reminded our loyal customers of the benefits of Act! subscription. After all, what do you get when you combine proven CRM with powerful marketing automation? The next generation of Act!. We are so excited about this release – there has never been a better time to join the Act! family.

As we approach the spring launch of Act! 21.1, with many program improvements ahead, we thought it fitting to review the Top 12 reasons to subscribe to Act!. Here is our updated list:

  1. Freedom to tailor your experience. Act! is infinitely customizable. Why conform to a rigid CRM solution when you don’t have to, when you have the freedom to tailor an experience to meet your unique business needs, as well as employ a wide variety of add-ons from a worldwide community of developers at the

  2. New features & functionality. Stay current with access to the latest product updates and upgrades as they’re released. You can look forward to a number of product innovations and feature enhancements introduced throughout the year!
    The last 18 months has seen the following great new features introduced:
    - Custom table technology
    - Insights reporting
    - Dynamic Opportunity Pipelines
    - Alexa Integration
    - Act! Marketing Automation

  3. Grow your business: Act! Marketing Automation is a marketing design and workflow solution that is both affordable, and powerful to grow any business. Create compelling marketing campaigns that dazzle and engage your prospects, get detailed response analytics, and build web content that populate leads in your database and triggers sales follow-ups. All for a fraction of the cost of comparable solutions, and all integrated into the CRM solution you trust.

  4. Everywhere access. Be productive from wherever you work—the office, home, or on the road. Whether you’re online or offline, get to the details you need from your laptop, tablet, and mobile device. Act! works on your laptop, and Handheld Contact delivers fast offline access to your mission critical data where ever you are.

  5. Connections to popular apps. Connect to hundreds of popular apps that extend the power and reach of Act! via Act! Connect. Quickly and easily set up connections between Act! and Outlook®, Slack™, QuickBooks® Online, and Shopify to save time and enrich your data.

  6. Expert technical support. Consult with knowledgeable support advisors ready to quickly resolve technical issues. Work with advisors through the method most convenient for you, including live chat and toll-free options. Moreover, valuable support upgrade options are available to improve your support experience when you need priority service.
    Thirty plus years in the CRM industry has also produced a worldwide community of support professionals that can deliver onsite or remote assistance.

  7. Training resources. Get answers whenever you need them with 100+ training resources, including getting started assets, hours of informative training videos, the online Knowledgebase, and feature tours.

  8. Ongoing compatibility & usability updates. Work with the business platforms and browsers you rely on every day, including Office 365. You also benefit from ongoing quality updates introduced throughout the year to ensure compatibility with your favourite browsers, Office suites, and operating systems.

  9. Subscriber-only innovations. Enjoy exclusive access to subscriber-only innovations like Act! Marketing Automation, Act! Companion, Act! Insight, Act! Connect, Ask Act!™ with Amazon Alexa, and the Act! API—all available to valued active subscribers.

  10. Security. Act! is constantly innovating to improve the security of your data, and Act! v21 introduced three new levels of security to lock down the application, including a new SA encryption for SQL, .NET 4.7 compliance, an update in Newtonsoft, and finally an enhanced SOC2 hosting.

  11. Act! Premium Plus. Introduced in March of 2018, Act! Premium Plus features custom table technology to dramatically advance your database capabilities. Store limitless one-to-many data points under contacts, groups, companies, or opportunities to store transactional data like vehicle sales, insurance policies, mortgages, software purchases, service contracts, you name it. What's more, Act! Premium Plus now includes a free subscription of the Knowtifier to make your data actionable with feature-rich industry leading workflow!
    Act! Premium Plus is only available by subscription.

  12. Cost. April is the last month of traditional Act! Premium pricing with self-hosting subscriptions costing $25/month/user and hosted being $35/month/user. Starting May 1st, Swiftpage will be migrating to a deployment agnostic pricing model where both cost $35/month/user for CRM only. There will be exciting Growth Suite bundles offered, as well, but for those looking to get self-hosted CRM only, April is the time to buy.

 Are you ready to boldly grow your business? Try Act! for free for 30 days, or call 1-833-ACT-BOLD.

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