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Written by Ken Quigley
February 09 2024

If you are an Act! user, you will love Act! Premium Cloud. It has the best features, the latest technology, and the fastest performance. And you get all this for almost the same price as subscribing to the software alone.

But moving to Act! Premium Cloud can be tricky. You must prepare your database for the cloud by removing unnecessary data, changing all the logins to emails, and sending the backup to Act! for setup. These steps may sound simple, but they can be time-consuming and error-prone. And if you skip any of them, you could stuck paying more for extra storage space forever.

APU animationDon’t worry, Keystroke has a solution for you. We have created a new product that does all these steps in one go, and lets you choose how to shrink your database. We call it the Act! Provisioning Utility, or APU for short. Starting February 12th, all Keystroke customers can get a free copy of the APU, which will do the following:

  • The APU asks you to pick a database and enter your Administrator database credentials
  • It then quickly checks that database and tells you how much disk space it uses, and how much extra you would pay for hosting, if any
  • It then gives you two ways to cut down on data and hosting costs
    • Our Orphaned Attachments Remover tool deletes any attachments that are not linked to your database and just take up space. 
    • The other tool is a variation of the "Remove Old Data" tool that comes with Act! and lets you delete Histories, Notes, or Documents that are too old. Except we provide an enhanced version that allows you to set date ranges  for removing old data, and it supports purging Opportunities, as well. Opportunities tend to be a source of wasted disc space because people either don't clear-out long forgotten Opps, or when they do, it leaves orphaned attachments behind. Our utility fixes both of these issues, making it easy to purge Opps and clean-up after them.
    • Both of these tools will ask you to make a backup first so you can keep a copy of your old data files
  • After you do these steps, you can check the database again and see a new, hopefully, lower, estimate for your APC storage fees
  • There is also a tool to change all active logins to email addresses to prepare for Act! Premium Cloud’s SSO login system. It will replace the user login with the user email in Act!, or let you add them yourself for each user.

When you finish all these steps, you will be asked to make the final backup to be sent to Act!, and you are done. The APU is free to Keystroke customers, and part of our “Make the Switch without a Hitch” promise.

On February 22nd, 2024 we hosted a webinar showcasing the Act! Provisioning Utility. Please see the video recording below:



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