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Written by Ken Quigley
January 23 2024

As a company, we’re enthusiastic about the benefits of Act! Premium Cloud for our clients. Both the Web and Desktop Sync options are the optimal choice for Act! Premium users, considering factors such as cost, features, speed, security, and adaptability. We’ve written numerous blogs praising the merits of this platform, but we’re now ready to take an extra step.

As a part of our Keystroke Koncierge program, we’re dedicated to facilitating a seamless transition for you!

ImageWhat does this entail? Starting from February 1st, we will extend several services to APC migrators previously exclusive to our Orange Care clients. These services include:

  • Conducting an intake meeting with the primary contact of the account to address their queries and clarify their deployment expectations
  • Providing all clients with a complimentary copy of our Act! Provisioning Utility (APU) to simplify the process, and provide some tools to reduce costs
    • APU prompts the admin to login, and prompts them to backup their database
    • Then it calculates the total disc space their database takes, and calculates the overage costs, if applicable
    • It then offers two means to trim the fat and reduce the cost of hosting - our Orphaned Attachments Remover utility and Remove Old Data. Orphaned Attachments Remover removes any attachments that are no longer connected to your database, and effectively serve as dead weight. 
      Remove Old Data allows you to remove Histories, Notes, or Documents older than X number of years. They've completed a backup already, so this will only effect the DB being uploaded.
    • Once these steps are completed, they can calculate the overage cost again
  • There is also a utility to convert all active logins to email addresses to prepare for Act! Premium Cloud's SSO login system. 
  • The user will then be prompted to backup their database again, and upload that backup to, which we'll send to Act! for provisioning
  • If applicable, we'll also ensure that all remote databases are distributed as required
  • And finally, we'll review all online resources, such as training videos and get-started guides, to guarantee a smooth transition.

We take pride in being the world’s #1 Act! reseller at Keystroke, but we’re equally committed to ensuring that quality service is never compromised for good sales. This commitment is what inspired the “Keystroke Koncierge Program”.

Orange Care Coverage
We recommend our Orange Care support plans for customers looking for the white-glove service. For as little as $10/month/user (billed annually) we provide the following additional services above and beyond Imagewhat's included with our Koncierge Program:

  • Keystroke support staff will connect to the computer with the Act! database to confirm DB size for upload
  • If needed, we run the APU to trim the fat on your database, convert your logins to SSO, and then create & upload the Act! backup for you. After it's uploaded, we offer a one-month free subscription to Attachments4act to move your attachments to BackBlaze if your database size incurs large storage costs.
  • Install or upgrade the Act! software when applicable 
  • Create, deliver, and setup of remote databases for all users
  • Confirmation of sync setup & sync schedule
  • Management of all supported Add-ons and integrations
  • Ongoing break/fix support
  • Laisse with Act! support on your behalf
  • Provide free access to the Keystroke Contact Manager when requested

Keystroke heartily recommends customers bundle their Act! Premium Cloud with Orange Care for the best user experience, but without or without a paid plan, we're committed to ensuring your switch to APC goes off without a hitch.

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