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Keystroke announces our new "Koncierge" Program

Category: News
14 April 2017

Never let good sales get in the way of good service

It’s a cliché for companies to say they’re committed to customer service, when most don’t invest in the staff to deliver it. That form of lip service is unworthy of the faith our customers place in us, which is why we intend to put our money where our mouth is. Effective May 1st, Keystroke will be welcoming a new customer care manager to our team, whose chief responsibility will be to welcome new customers with the information they need to start using Act! properly, and without delay.

This initiative is not about any one staff, so much as it is a new program we’re starting – something we like to call the Keystroke “Koncierge” Program. Yes, we know we’re having a bit of fun with the alliteration, but the commitment is sincere, and includes three essential components.

#1 - Welcome
As part of the Keystroke Koncierge Program, each new Act! customer will be guided through an 11-step process to implement Act! into their business, and ensure they’re aware of the resources available to them. This person won’t be providing technical services, so much as helping explain support resources, download links, and account information, as well as being that vital first point of contact. We realise that between the sales staff, the support team, and administration, details can slip through the cracks, leaving new customers feeling a bit lost. The Keystroke Koncierge Program is intended address this gap, so you can focus on making the most of your new CRM investment.

#2 - Free VIP Lite Support Package included
The Keystroke Koncierge Program also includes a free VIP Lite support program, a $79.95 value, which provides 30-minutes of level #2 tech support to help get you up and running faster (available on Premium Subscriptions only). The Customer Care Manager will ensure you're assigned a tech, and a support session scheduled as needed.

#3 - Welcome Kit
We are pleased to announce the introduction of our new “Welcome Kit” available exclusively to our customers. The Welcome Kit is comprised of some useful Actcessories that we’ve developed here at Keystroke, to improve the efficiency and enjoyment of using Act! Available in a single, easy-to-use installer,
Learn more by clicking HERE.

#4 - The Follow-up
Receive no less than three follow-up calls during the first year of subscription to ensure you have everything you need. As part of our post-purchase workflow automation, these are automtaically scheduled when your new Act! Premium or Premium Cloud Subscription account is created.

#5 - The Drip
Receive up to six emails in the first year explaining all the resources available to you to get the most from your Act! Subscription


Additional Responsibilities
In addition to this responsibility; our new Customer Care Manager will also be overseeing the support desk to ensure all service inquiries are responded to quickly and routed to an available support technician. The customer care manager will also be responsible for identifying support or licensing situations that require escalation, and deal directly with either the Keystroke Support Manager or Swiftpage staff to expedite a resolution.

We’re proud to say that Keystroke is the #1 Act! reseller in the world, but we’re also committed to ensuring good sales never gets in the way of good service, and that is what the new Keystroke Koncierge Program is intended to ensure.

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