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Category: News
Written by Ken Quigley
January 12 2021

Automation is a natural part of CRM use. If you record information in your Act! database, you would like to leverage that data to trigger actions automatically.

In 2017 Keystroke released the Knowtifier to the public after several years of internal use. The use case for the Knowtifier for us was obvious. We stored TONS of data in Act! relating to software subscriptions, hosting & support contracts, Handheld Contact accounts, Internet domains, you name it, and we needed a simple & reliable system for notifying our customers of their renewals.

knowtifier lite right 1The Knowtifier filled the bill, and within the first year it was automatically generating over 50,000 “knowtifications” (as we called them), allowing us to scale our business further without fear of bottlenecks. While many of our customers & peers adopted the Knowtifier into their business process, many more asked us for a simple solution for sending birthday & anniversary notices, and this gave rise to the new Knowtifier Lite. 

Knowtifer Lite is born & made Free to Keystroke Act! subscribers
The Knowtifier Lite is a stripped-down version of Knowtifier that could help all users, and effective immediately, is now free to all Keystroke subscribers with the renewals. Yes, this $150/year subscription is free to Keystroke Act! subscription customers.

The Knowtifier Lite allows users to automate emails to contacts based on date fields in the Contact or Opportunity tables.! , Yes, Knowtifier Lite users can automate the sending of birthday, anniversary, or other type of annual event greetings, but it can also help with.sales processes, as well, by

Here's some fast facts on The Knowtifier every Act! user should know:

  • Never forget another customer birthday or anniversary again! Not only will they receive a greeting, you’ll be copied to remind you to follow-up if needed.
  • You only need The Knowtifier installed on one computer for one database for your entire Act! network.
  • The Knowtifier Lite can trigger off Contact and Opportunity fields.
  • The Knowtifier Lite runs as a service, so even if your computer is restarted after a power outage or Windows update, The Knowtifier Lite will continue to work at the Windows login screen.
  • Configure as many notifications in Knowtifier Lite as your business requires.
  • Can be configured to provide multiple notifications that countdown towards a date field
  • Configure to notify sales staff of upcoming estimated close dates, or send out thank you notes to customers after a deal closes with an actual close date.
  • Create your own beautiful HTML emails without subscribing to a service provider for delivery. Our built-in HTML Editor is as easy to use as MS Word, and can be used to copy in source HTML code, or create from scratch. Easily embed graphics or company logos into HTML emails that allows you to merge customer data from the contact or custom tables.
  • The best quality of The Knowtifier is simply this... it Works.

How do you get your free license?
Throughout 2021 and beyond, the Keystroke admin staff will be adding free Knowtifier Lite subscription license key to each customers software record in our database with payment. To retrieve these keys, customers can use the Keystroke Account Manager ( or login with the mobile devices after install KAM from either the AppStore or GooglePlay. All they need is their account number and the email address of the primary contact. Passwords can be applied after the first login.


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  • tablesFree Tables4act with OrangeCare:  Also of note, effective January 1st, 2021, all new or renewing Orange Care customers will receive a free subscription to Tables4act (a $69.95 annual value per user, per year), the leading custom tables solution for Act! at no additional charge. You can learn more about this Orange care promotion HERE. Like Knowtifier Lite, we'll be adding these license keys to the customers account in our database upon their paid renewal, which they'll be able to retrieve with the Keystroke Account Manager.

    Custom table data can be viewed singularly under one contact, or globally as a whole. Imagine viewing the lease of one customer, and then pivoting to see all the active leases for your business. From a global view you can filter, sort, calculate, and report on this data to better understand your book of business. And what works for leases can also work insurance policies, mortgages, loans, support contracts, product inventory, you name it.

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