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Category: News
Written by Ken Quigley
February 02 2021

Act! Pro hosting is a relatively new thing for Act! users, as Act! Pro was not designed to support hosting. Consider the fact that Act! Pro does not publish to the Internet like Act! for Web, nor does is it support Network or Internet Sync, it's quite amazing that Keystroke has overcome these technical limits to deliver Pro hosting services.

These technical limits aside, the appeal of Act! Pro hosting is undeniable. Here are eleven reasons many Act! Pro customers are switching from DIY setups to professional Act! Hosting: 

  1. Ease of Team Deployment: A team of ten or less users could instantly be networked together from across the world using the hosting servers as their centralized hub. No more firewalls or routers to configure, remote databases to cut, or Static IP's to setup. Simply upload your current database to and we'll setup everything on our end quickly, and send RDB's to all your users.
  2. Ease of Individual Setup: Little or no setup required for indivdual users beyond installing the software & restoring a database. Great for single users or small teams with multiple devices like laptops and desktops, both inside and outside the office.
  3. Ease of Syncing: Syncing could be scheduled or on an as-needed basis, and the sync servers are always running 24/7. No worries about computers being powered off, or Act! being shut down, our proprietory ProSync service runs all the time - and it's our responsibility to maintain, not yours.
  4. Offsite Backup: Users have the peace of mind knowing their database is backed up and maintained nightly in a tier 3 data centre.
  5. Ease of Disaster Recovery: No more data loss due to hard drive crash or computer failure. Recovering from a dead drive or computer is as easy as replacing your PC, installing Act!, and downloading your replacement RDB.
  6. Cost savings: Costs of $100/year/user are are cheap compared to setting up and maintaining a similar network for all users. No upgrade of hardware, Internet, or Firewall service is required. Even paying us to set it up on your own network would cost more than us hosting it.
  7. Labour Savings: No more staff disruptions caused by new Act! deployments and new RDB's needing to be cut for users, or troubleshooting sync issues.
  8. Security: our servers are protected with industry leading firewall technology, anti-virus, and DDOS defences to ensure your data is safe.
  9. Fault tolerance: With all our servers fitted with a minimum of 8 RAID5 fault tolerant hard drives, and a data center with three weeks of backup electricity
  10. Performance:  Your syncing is supported by high-end hardware, fully updated software, and Tier 3 data centre Internet performances to ensure your sync speeds are always the fastest possible.
  11. Mobility: Handheld Contact Classic is supported by Act! Pro and our syncing servers. The Classic console is hosted on our servers for easy maintenance and deployment, and one less thing you have to worry about with your deployment. Go to to learn more. HHC subscriptions sold separately.

Currently Keystroke only supports sync hosting for Act! Pro v21 and v22, with v22 available for purchase HERE. As demand increases we'll consider expanding support for older versions, but at present we're limited our Act! Pro hosting services to supported versions, per the Swiftpage obsolescence policy.

Act! Pro Hosting Service

Keystroke's new Act! Pro hosting service delivers ease of setup and deployment for Act! Pro users who have their users sync to a centralized server from anywhere. No special network setup required as all users syn directly to our servers, sending and receiving updates from where ever they are. Features include:

  • Sync hosting only. Act! Pro does not support database publishingAct with clouds
  • Supports custom table technology (where applicable)
  • Secure, flexible, and worldwide access to data
  • Nightly Backup and Maintenance of Database
  • 99.9% Uptime SLA*
  • The prices listed are exclusive of Act! licensing, which can be purchased separately HERE
  • Overage fees may apply for databases in excess of 10GB's
  • Handheld Contact hosting support available (HHC subscription billed separately)
     * Costs only $100 per user/per year *

Upgrade Options:

  • Storage: $60/4GB/year, and this is calculated by total disk space used, including attachments
  • Extra Database: $120/year for an extra database (no unique users)
  • Support: $80/year/user: Includes Orange Care level support for each user (OC Terms & Conditions HERE), exclusive of custom tables.


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