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Category: News
18 December 2018

Membership should have some privileges.

This was our thinking when we developed our "account" based pricing for some of our select addons.
Frequently when we're speaking with customers about buying Act! Premium Plus, it's normally with a focus towards selling "solutions". For financial planners this involves Act4wealth, for mortgage brokers it's Act4mortgages, and for general business owners it's quoting4act or projects4act. The problem with incorporating these solutions into the workplace is you have to purchase one addon for each of your users, which can really add up when bundled with Act! Premium Plus licensing.

This is why we developed our exclusive "account" based pricing, so Keystroke customers looking to incorporate these solutions as part of their new Act! Premium Plus purchase, need only buy one addon license for their team. Yes, you read that right, one license for everyone on your team when bundled with a new Act! Premium Plus subscription (addon licenses must match number of Act! Premium plus licenses subscribed to at that time).

We believe this Keystroke benefit of membership significantly reduces the barrier to entry for many businesses looking to incorporated solutions like the following addons into their workplace:

  • Act4wealth: An Actcessory designed for Financial Advisors to better manage your Clients, Financial Data, Compliance and Services Offered while easily scheduling repetitive activities through the use of Quicknotes (available in Web & Windows). 
  • Act4mortgages: Finally an intelligent Act! add-on for mortgage professionals that saves time, does the math for you, and automates your workflow so nothing gets missed (available in Web & Windows). 
  • Act4realty: Act4realty is the tool you've been looking for to get organized, efficient, and accountable in your residential real estate business (Windows only). 
  • Act4insurance: An Actcessory designed for Insurance Brokers to better manage your Clients, Policies, Compliance and Services Offered while easily scheduling repetitive activities through the use of Quicknotes (Windows only).
  • Themes4Act: Database themes that include vehicle sales, commercial real estate, Property & Casualty Insurance, Loans Management, HelpDesk or Support/Service (Windows only)
  • Quoting4actQuoting4Act! is an integrated quoting solution that works with both Act! for Windows and Web (available in Web & Windows). 
  • Projects4actProjects4Act! is the first completely integrated Project Management tool inside of Act!, in fact, your projects become part of your database (Windows only).

To put this costing in perspective, most of these addons were built with countless hours of industry research, development, and testing, but are available to our customer's teams for often less than one hour of labour. Think about that. You could pay the equivalent of 30-60 minutes of labour to acquire a completed, fully baked and tested solution, or start from scratch and pay much more for a fraction of the results.

Combine this offer with Keystroke's existing promotion of a free Knowitifer subscription with 4+ seats of Act! Premium Plus, and you have a powerhouse wedding of workflow automation and advanced custom table solutions to help launch your business to new levels of efficiency and productivity.

We think you'll agree this "benefit of membership" offers one of the best values in the Act! marketplace, and is exclusive to Keystroke customers.

Please note:

  • All the above listed addons are still available for purchase individually when not bundled with your Act! software.
  • Not all custom tables solutions listed above are available in Web and Windows versions of Act!
  • A VIP Support Plans is required to implement any of the custom table solutions into an existing production database.
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