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Category: Marketing
Written by Ken Quigley
February 25 2020

Keystroke was founded in 1994, but rapidly expanded and diversified over the years until it was necessary to create the Keystroke Group to serve as a parent company for our many separate independent divisions.

These divisions offer products & services in the areas of CRM and Project Management, but the one we're most excited to announce today is the formation of our new marketing division called KQD – which stands for Keystroke Quality Designs.

Few of our customers today are aware that “Keystroke Quality Designs” was actually our original company name back in the early days before giving way to simply Keystroke. Over the years we’ve created countless websites for our customers, but never have we assembled such a talented team of professionals to deliver these services.

With four full-time web design and developers on staff, totaling decades worth of industry experience, the KQD marketing services now include the following:

  • Web Design: The concept of web design is easy, but the application can take many approaches. Our goal at KQD is to deliver a website that incorporates modern, attractive & responsive design as economically as possible, and for that we provide a large gallery of design templates for you to choose from. Once the design concept is agreed upon, we set about to help define branding, layout & feature requirements, colour theme, as well as your website’s objective. As much as there are common elements to all websites, each business will have unique needs, and we’ll ensure your site is tailor made to suit yours.
    Most of our websites are also built with either WordPress or Joomla for compatibility with the widest selection of 3rd party integrations, as well as the simplest, most intuitive content management tools on the market for you to update the website content yourself.

  • Custom web development: web development is often confused with web design, but we like to think of custom development as features that are “outside the box”. For instance, most Content Management systems will include text, image, and icon boxes to present your content, but you may need more complex comparison charts, pricing tables, quoting forms, sliders, flippers, lightbox popups, etc., and those can require custom development to seamlessly incorporate into your site’s theme.
    And that’s just on the front-end, on the back-end you may need referral tracking, automated form delivery, CRM integration for lead workflow, you name it, and most of these wil require custom development.

  • Shopping Cart Services: We’ve all purchased items online, but likely never gave much thought to the product pages design or the workflow during the checkout process, but these components often mean the difference between a visit and a sale. Shopping carts must be easy to navigate, search, and present each of the product’s images, details, and purchase conditions in an attractive helpful way. Features like “related products”, wish-lists, promo-codes, and customer reviews can also be added to product details reduce visitors purchase resistance and maximize upsell.
    Once a product is selected, the checkout process should be intuitive, easy flowing, and prompt buyers at the right time and in the right way so purchases can be hastened with minimal abandonment.
    That’s where we come in.
    Additionally, you may need to integrate third party shipping services or incorporate more advanced custom reporting than the built-in reports provide.

  • Search Engine Optimization: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the science of search as it relates to marketing on the web. It is mostly technical in nature, combining programming with business, persuasion, sales, and a love for competitive puzzle solving into a written form capable of maintaining desired revenue goals while achieving high rankings in the organic sections of search engine results pages.

  • Search Engine Marketing: SEM s a very broad term that has come to be understood in terms of marketing services under paid search services and content that you own & update that organically respond to searches.

  • Logo Creation/Design: No template exists anywhere that instantly incorporates your business branding, theme, or colouring right out of the box. And many businesses have very basic branding that may require refreshing before it’s built into a new site. This is where graphic design & logo creation comes in.

  • Website & Email Hosting: at the end of the day your website is a collection of files that has to be stored someplace to be published on the Internet. Keystroke has been in the hosting business for over 15-years, and we employ all the modern technologies to ensure your site is seen quickly and securely.

  • AMA Template Design: Act! Marketing Automation is a powerful tool, but owning a hammer doesn’t mean you can build a deck. The difference between sending a well designed template vs a DIY template is not only measured in response rates, but the professionalism you project and the quiet esteem you earn with your audience. It may take more than one email to earn a sale, but it seldom takes more than that to trigger an opt-out, after which your sales prospects with that reader drop down to zero.

    The Template design service, samples below, are available as one-offs or as part of a subscription for one or two a month (quantity discounts apply).

    AMA Template
    AMA Template
     AMA Template
    with video


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