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Category: General
Written by Ken Quigley
October 14 2018
Shared with gratitude from Mallory Bowers of Swiftpage


Has your business tapped into the power of email marketing? There's no need to be intimidated by the idea of email marketing. In fact, there are some tips and tricks that will make this powerful form of promoting your business second nature. 

1. Be consistent.

Many businesses start their email marketing campaigns off with a bang, only to let it die out over time. It's important to stay consistent with your email marketing. Most Americans check their email multiple times a day, with 40% checking their email first thing in the morning. By sending regular emails, you are showing up to the party. Since your subscribers have chosen to be on your email list, there is no worry of coming across as spam. 

Choose a schedule and stick with it. This could be weekly, daily, or every other day. Whatever you decide, be sure to stay consistent. Your customers will come to expect to see your company's name in their inboxes, this builds your brand awareness and may increases sales. 

2. Keep it simple. 

Nothing makes customers click delete more than a wall of text. When they open your email, be sure to keep your message short and to the point. Respect the fact that decision makers have limited time to spend on your email. They should see short paragraphs, simple language, and bullet points to emphasize what is important.

Remember that many people are accessing their inboxes via their mobile devices. No one has the time to be scrolling and scrolling to get the point of your message. Short, easily readable emails are key.

3. Craft a catchy subject line. 

You don't want your subject line to sound gimmicky. It should be friendly, direct, and simple. Remember, there are two goals with email marketing, getting your customers to open your email and building a trusting relationship with them. It's a good idea to state the direct benefit to them in the subject line. Try to keep your subject line down to 6 to 10 words.

Think of it as the headline of an article, it should grab attention and also provide a good description of what's to follow. A few ideas to try are:

  • Posing a question in your subject line.
  • Using a specific number, for example "Get 3 Amazing Deals Today Only".
  • Offering an exclusive benefit to readers that they will only get by opening your email. 
  • Putting a time limit on your offer.

4. Make it personal. 

Your readers are human, and they want to feel appreciated. Using their name in the body and subject line of the email makes it feel more personal and less generic. Take it one step further and personalize your email marketing campaign from your company's end too. Think about using a picture of the CEO instead of the company logo, for example. This lets customers know they are dealing with real people, which makes them more likely to do business with you.

5. Only request one thing. 

Don't confuse your readers by asking them to do several different things for you. Each email should have just one call to action (CTA). Be direct. Calls to action include statements like "book an appointment", "find out how", "claim your coupon", or "get half off here". These are specific, direct instructions for your customers. It is important to make sure that there is only one CTA per email. 

Email marketing is a powerful tool that will change the way you do business. Using these methods are just a few ideas to get better click through rates on your emails. 

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