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Written by Ken Quigley
June 06 2021

CRM and project management are two of the biggest categories in business software. In fact, if you checked with Capterra, you’d find these the first and second most expensive categories to advertise in. This is why Keystroke is so excited to announce the next release of QuickTasks (scheduled for June 15th) because it’s the first on-premise product to wed these two business productivity categories together.

To date, QuickTasks (QT) has been used as task management solution that integrated with Act! via the WebAPI, K-API, and the SDK. This integration allowed users to export tasks from QT to Act!, and link them for follow-up purposes. Tasks could be assigned to the same user, or others, and then easily tracked in both Act! and QT.

While Act! is a multi-user product, allowing tasks from QT to be assigned to one or more users, QuickTasks itself was a single user product. We knew if we were to incorporate QT into project management, we’d have to either completely rewrite QuickTasks, or tightly integrate it into a powerful PM product that could support multi-users, Gantt charts, Goals, reporting, and more.

webplanner gantts 466x393pxConsidering we already owned, an online project management solution, the decision was easy. Why not integrate these two programs together, and enable the online collaboration and planning tools we need, while remaining tightly integrated with Act! CRM.

And that’s what we’ve done (learn more about Webplanner by visiting

Existing QuickTask users will continue to use the product as a task management tool, but those wishing to collaborate with others can now export one of more tasks from within QuickTasks to Webplanner, and either create new projects or link them to existing ones. The key here is the tasks are “linked”, meaning if they’re edited or cleared in one program, they get updated in the another.

Why tie them together?

The simple truth is in business and life, we collaborate with people both inside and outside our CRM user group, and to effectively work with everyone, we needed an online planning tool that was tightly integrated, easy-to-use, supported free collaborators, and worked on all platforms – PC’s Mac, and mobile devices. checked all the boxes.

To better support this integration, though, we had to make some significant changes to QuickTasks and Webplanner.

  • The first was we added “costs” and “duration” fields to QuickTasks so reporting and scheduling data could be better represented in
  • The second, and more significant change, was the addition of “Contact” support, whereby a select “Group” of Act! Contacts could be downloaded into QuickTasks - like they are done currently with our mobile solution - Handheld Contact. By adding contacts to QuickTasks, tasks were no longer limited to the Act! users.
  • The third was allowing Webplanner to support the same downloading of the Act! contacts

By adding Act! contacts to QuickTasks and Webplanner, tasks could include anyone from your CRM. Simply create a task, link it to a contact, export it to Webplanner, convert that contact to an "assignee" and then invite them to join your online project a collaborator. It's that easy, and joining an online Webplanner project is free for your invitees.

TEST 10 image

That's the power of combining these three programs together. Generate tasks at the speed of thought with QuickTasks. Convert these tasks quickly to a project with Webplanner, and then engage & collaborate with your contacts from Act!.  Get more done with more people using QuickTasks for Act!.


The Nitty Gritty (here's how these programs work together):

  • Create a task in QuickTasks, and add all the appropriate task details within it.
  • Select the task and click on the Webplanner icon on the Navbar
  • Click OK and then you’ll be presented with the transfer window that includes a dropdown list for the Assignees. Previously this dropdown list included only Act! users, but now it will be contacts from your selected Act! group.
  • This field will have a type-ahead feature to make finding contacts & users quickly, and it will support selecting one or more contacts as needed.
  • Once the appropriate contacts are selected, click Send, and QuickTasks will connect to the Webplanner API and then prompt you to assign the selected task to an existing project, or to create a new one, and then assign them. The user makes the appropriate selection, and the task is sent to Webplanner and removed from QuickTasks
  • To monitor the progress of this newly exported project task, simply go to the familiar Follow-up Tab in QuickTasks. All the tasks exported to either Act! & Webplanner will be listed here, with icons at the beginning of each line designating which program they were exported to.
  • Under this Tab will also be two “Refresh” options, one for WebPlanner and the other for Act!. Clicking on or the other will connected to the API of the appropriate program to fetch the updates. Items cleared in Webplanner or Act! will then be cleared in QuickTask with the refresh, and updates to projects tasks in Webplanner will then download those updates to QuickTasks.
  • Conversely, any task cleared under the follow-up tab in QuickTasks will automatically clear them in the corresponding program.


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