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Written by Ken Quigley
June 04 2021

Keystroke is pleased to announce the release of Qsales for Act! v12.2, the first major release by Keystroke of this industry leading QuickBooks integration product.

Version 12.2 represents an upgrade in features and performance, as well as many bug fixes, and is sure to delight new and current Qsales users. The list of changes with this new version, expected to be released Tuesday, June 8th, are as follows:

  • Faster transaction list views within Contact: list refreshing now goes through OLEDB like custom tables, delivering much faster display performance
  • Faster product list view within Contact: Same performance improvement as transactions
  • Faster product searches: Improved performance with faster results
  • Overdue Toolbar Alert feature: No more selling to customers with overdue balances as a red or green notice will display on the toolbar indicating to your users the status of the customer’s account
  • Global transaction view from Navbar: Having a list of transactions by contact is great, but sometimes users need a more global view of the business, and this new transaction log delivers that. The global view is also enhanced with the same performance improvements as the other list views, meaning you can display all your data or filter as needed quickly.
  • Integrated Quoting: Accounting data is for post sales, but we've incorporated our proprietary Quoting4act into Qsales to delivery enhanced pre-sales management, as well.  We didn't simply integrate Quoting4act (a $90 product on it's own) into Qsales, we enhanced it with multi-profile support that allows you to create different templates for different departments.
  • Enhanced custom table functionality: Transactions can now more easily support filtering, searches, and summariescomputerqsales 1
  • Improved Contact & Vendor Linking: We've accelerated the initial contact and vendor linking process to get you started with Qsales integration in Act! faster and more accurately
  • Introduction of Qsales Lite: For users that want a simpler version of Qsales for either basic QuickBooks integration or bundling with Qbilling, we've introduced Qsales Lite. It includes most of the features you've come to expect in Qsales, save for the custom table transaction views. Qsales will sell for the one-time cost of $60. Qsales & Qsales Lite are feature-gated, meaning the license you purchase releases the features you're entitled to. It also makes upgrading a snap.
  • Numerous Bug fixes
  • Integrated product updater: Updates are delivered quickly and easily with our integrated updater. Simply click to check for updates and click again to deliver them.
  • New single installer:  Not only is there a single installer for the new feature-gated version of Qsales, but we've also bundled Qbilling, and the Nightly Sync utility together in one installer. This single code base makes it easier for our users to manage their installations, and easier for us to update the programs. Simply select the programs you want to install during setup, and the installer does the rest.
  • Nightly Sync: rebranded as Qsync, it now is fitted with it's own scheduler to more easily set your nightly sync schedules.
  • Multi-seat licensing: The new installer also offers support for multi-seat licensing, and tracking Maintenance & Support.

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Related News:

Handheld Contact will soon include one-button Qsales integration for both API and Classic products to support the syncing of essential accounting fields. Handheld Contact Simulator Screen Shot iPhone 11 2021 06 01 at 07.44.50API will have these fields added to the current 75 custom fields available, while Classic will be configured to use seven of the remaining available fields for mapping. The Qsales fields we selected include the following:

  • Total Balance
  • Past Due Balance
  • Lifetime Sales Amount
  • Payment Terms
  • Credit Limit
  • Last Invoice
  • First Invoice.

Qsales has many accounting fields in the Contact table to choose from, but these seven have been blocked together for easy mapping based on their importance. Arm your users with the account data they need to better manage customers in the field. Integrate your Qsales accounting data in Act! with one click. Available soon in both IOS and Android. 

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