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Category: Actcessories
Written by Ken Quigley
June 01 2019

As part of Keystroke’s commitment to developing to the Act! WebAPI, and supporting the fastest growing market of Act! users, we’ve converted a number of traditionally “Windows only” add-ons to “Cloud Compatible” applications.

To be clear, “Cloud Compatible” does not simply mean “work on the web”, but instead supports accessing your hosted database using the WebAPI. This distinction is important because products like our Quoting4act work on the web, but require the hosting provider to support a specific DLL on their servers to make it work. As Swiftpage does not currently support hosting add-ons of any kind, we’re using the term “Cloud Compatible” to mean employing the Act! WebAPI to access your hosted database without any intervention from your hosting provider.

Opt-in Manager Web

Around since 2014, the Opt-in Manager is the most popular and efficient means to harvest email consent from your contacts. The Opt-in Manager sends personalized emails to all your customers requesting them to provide you opt-in permission to send them emails. Each email has a unique link that leads them to a simple webpage asking them to either provide the send permission, or deny it. The Opt-in Manager then collects all those responses and automatically updates your database, allowing you to easily craft your marketing groups around those who have explicitly permitted you to send them emails.

We're pleased to announce two big changes to this program.

The first is that we've developed a new version that works directly with Act! Premium Cloud databases via the WebAPI. The software still installs locally into Windows, but instead of using the SDK to work with a local copy of the database, it uses the WebAPI to connect with a hosted copy. This expands the market significantly, as previously users had to have one offline client to work with Opt-in Manager.

The second changes includes the recently added integration with to allow subscribers to use this service to verify the validity of the emails in your database, and update the contact records accordingly.

In both cases, thousands of contacts in your database can have their records updated with opt-in permissions and email verifications in a simple, accurate & cost effective manner. A process that would normally involve weeks, if not months of intensive labour, can now be done in minutes with Opt-in Manager for Windows or Web..

Now available for hosted and self-hosted databases.

License: Subscription (per year/user)
Price: $200 annually
Deployment: Local Windows installation
Available: June 10th, 2019
Learn more:


Act4outlook Web

The best Act-Outlook integration just got better as Ac4outlook Web now works with hosted databases directly, as well as 64-bit versions of Office. Even if you work with a local database, you can use Act4outlook Web with your local copy of Outlook, and record history to the hosted database. Unlike traditional Act4outlook that was developed using the SDK, Act4outlook Web uses the WebAPI to access your hosted database, where updates are made instantly for the rest of your team to see.

Act4outlook does not require the hosted database to be open in a browser for most History Recording or Contact/Activity creation features to work, however, functions like "Go to Contact" do require it.

License: Subscription (per year/user)
Price: $24 annually

Deployment: Local Windows installation
Available: June 3rd, 2019

Learn more: is the online project management tool for anyone who plans projects. Whether you’re a professional project manager working with non-professionals, someone managing a project without professional training, starting a business or planning a wedding, Webplanner is for you. 

Webplanner is the most popular online project management application to integrate with Act! CRM, and now we’ve updated the service to support hosted databases, as well. Contacts can easily be imported from, and activities exported to your Act! hosted and self-hosted database. We’ve even implemented safeguards to throttle the importing of records from large databases to avoid long waits as data is queued.

License: Subscription (per year/user)
Price: starting at $60 annually

Deployment: Online
Available: Immediately

Learn more: 



Book2act is an online service that provides users the ability to share with their customers the time slots they’re available, and then allows those customers to book an appointment with you online for one of those available times. This appointment will then appear instantly in your calendar in your hosted Act! database, and the customer gets an Outlook invitation for the same time & date.

  • If the contact is in your database the activity is linked to them, and if they're not, they get added and then linked. In cases of existing contacts, no field data gets overwritten
  • Set one-time or recurring blacklist dates, minimum lead times, same-day blocking, meeting buffers, and even custom work week availability (including regular hours and days). 
  • Set default activity type, duration, and alarm notice, as well as how far in the future a customer can book an appointment with you. 
  • Configure your customer facing appointment page with your own custom messages and corporate logo.

License: Subscription (per year/user)
Price: $60 annually

Deployment: Online
Available: Immediately

Learn more:

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