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Written by Ken Quigley
July 26 2021

Keystroke is pleased to announce that effective August 1st, we’ll be making two changes to our popular Tables4act product.The first is simply branding. Starting next month Tables4act will be 500px Tables new tile side view3 2rebranded as simply “Keystroke Tables”.  Keystroke only makes Act! products, so adding the specification of “for Act!” seemed needlessly wordy, so it's being dropped. We don’t expect this change to be of much consequence since most users already refer to the product as “tables”, anyway.

Secondly, for sales & marketing purposes it's helpful to distinguish the Keystroke Tables from the Act! Tables, especially since we make both. Prefacing each with the name of the distributer makes this distinction easier to understand for the customers. Henceforth, there will be Keystroke Tables and Act! Tables, both of which offer "dual access" to custom table through Windows & Web.

Our marketing team has updated the branding and logo of Keystroke Tables to mark this occasion, and we think they’ve done a great job. We think the cubes in the new logo for Keystroke Tables conveys a “building blocks” theme, which aptly captures the data design capabilities of custom tables with Act! CRM.



Keystroke Tables for Desktop
The second announcement we think is a bit more consequential, and that is the news that we’re converting our current “Tables4act-Activation” product to a perpetual license, and rebranding it as “Keystroke Tables - Desktop”.

The new Keystroke Tables - Desktop delivers all the desktop features users have come to expect from Tables4act, just without support for web publishing. Keystroke Tables - Desktop is perfect for Act! for Windows users. It’s licensed “per activation” (meaning you pay for each installation), and there are no recurring subscription fees! That’s right, Keystroke Tables - Desktop can be purchased for a low one-time fee of only $139.90 (yes, exactly twice the cost of subscription!). Consumers that may not have understood the difference between the two Tables4act products previously, will certainly appreciate the cost difference now.

We think many past Topline Designer customers looking to upgrade to a new version will like this new perpetual license choice.

To understand the difference between Keystroke Tables (Dual Access), Keystroke Tables (Desktop), and the Act! Tables (which use our technology), please see the comparison chart below.


Custom Tables


The other advantage to Keystroke Tables - Desktop is its’ upgradability- whether it’s an upgrade to the Web or 64-bit versions of Act!.

The first scenario is pretty straightforward. If at some later date a user wishes to publish their custom tables data to the web, the upgrade path with Keystroke Tables - Desktop is a snap. Simply uninstall the Desktop version and upgrade to either Keystroke (Dual Access) or Act! Tables. The data is the same for each, so your custom table data will come across seamlessly.

The second scenario, namely that of "bitness", will be an issue for all Act! users soon. In September of this year, Act! is scheduled to release the first 64-bit version of Act! in the form of Act! v24. Keystroke Tables - Desktop will work it, and Designer won’t. This detail is important because we don’t plan to invest the time & resources to upgrade Designer to support 64-bit, when we already have two Keystroke Tables products that support both bitnesses.

We believe customers like choices, and by expanding our Keystroke Tables product line to include both subscription & perpetual versions, custom table users can now pay for only what they need, without limiting their upgrade options for the future. To make the point more forecefully, we're celebrating the release of Keystroke Tables - Desktop by making it our August Product of the month, and discounting it by 25% all month.

Tables product of the month1

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