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Category: Act!
June 02 2016

Since making the operating system available last year, Microsoft has been "encouraging" people to upgrade to Windows 10 to meet its goal of getting the OS on 1 billion devices by 2017.

Now that we approach the July 29th deadline, Microsoft's "encouragement" is taking  the shape of downright skullduggery, as they employ more aggressive and sneaky tactics. Recent reports reveal them tricking consumers into providing consent to automatically update their Windows 7 and 8 workstations to Windows 10. Here is a snippit from a Fortune magazine post on May 31st::

"The pop-up window offering a chance to upgrade or not was changed so that the one action a user could take to prevent an auto-update—checking an X in a box—was changed so that checking that box initiated that update. Worse, according to PC World‘s Brad Chacos, “the upgrade installation can automatically begin even if you take no action whatsoever.”

Yes, Microsoft has bait & switched the upgrade approval process, while leveraging the free July 29th deadline as motivation to sway even the unwilling. After that date Windows 10 will cost consumers between $120-200 to purchase what was once for free.

All of this has led to over 200 million active Windows 10 devices on the market today - which is nearly double the estimate from last October.

Why does this matter to you as an Act! user?

Well, if you're using any prior version of Act! (namely Act v17 or older), you could wake up one morning to find Windows 10 on your computer and your Act! behaving in unexpected ways. This is bad, and worse when it's unplanned, but thankfully easy to fix with Act v18.

Four reasons to act now and upgrade to Act! subscription:


  1. You receive Act! v18, which is fully certified to work with Windows 10, so you won't suffer any work disruption in the event of an unexpected Windows upgrade.

  2. Act! v18 includes many new features customers have been asking for.

  3. Act! 18.1 was recently released, and has been met with warm reviews as it addressed over 200 issues from past versions.

  4. June is the last month under the existing subscription pricing. On July 1st the price for new Act! subscriptions will increase 5.7%.


Unless you employ some rather dramatic steps, Windows 10 is likely to visit itself upon you in the next two months. Why wait until that date to be prepared? Upgrade to Act! subscription now be Win10 ready and save money before the July 1st price increase?


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