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Category: Act!
May 25 2016

Keystroke is pleased to announce the purchase of all of Hero Technical Solutions Act! add-ons that make Act! users more efficient and profitable. The President of Hero Technical Solutions, Len Kamerman, joined our Keystroke Partner Program (KPP) last year, and has participated in many customer projects since that time, so it was a natural fit that we'd take over his Act! add-on projects, as well. Especially since one of his past developers joined our team in January last year, and can easily maintain/update the products moving forward.

There is still some work to do to migrate the licensing over to our servers, and complete some of the new branding on the software and training resources, but that should be completed by early next week. So without further ado, here is the list of the new Keystroke Act! Add-ons moving:

The only Act! integration with Hubspot on the market

Our integration software allows you to use HubSpot to drive traffic and convert leads and then to work with those leads and their data within ACT! without having to deal with manual exports and imports of information between the two systems.

Our software connects to HubSpot at scheduled intervals and looks for new landing page forms that have been completed by a Contact. It then looks at ACT! to see if the Contact already exists as an ACT! Contact record (by way of matching e-mail address) or if a new Contact needs to be created. It then copies the data from the landing page fields into the contact record fields in ACT!

By having the Contact within ACT!, you can do things like send ACT! E-marketing messages, set up dynamic groups so Contacts are automatically grouped based on what they downloaded, schedule activities, record history, and everything else you’d usually do with a potential customer.

The new version of our integration also writes back to HubSpot – when a Contact that in HubSpot is marked as a customer in ACT!, we mark that Contact as a Customer in HubSpot, which means you can now measure Visits vs. Contacts vs. Customers within HubSpot.

Here’s specifically what our Act4hubspot software enables you to do:

  • Create contact records for Contacts that do not exist in ACT!

  • Copy data from landing page forms over to new or existing ACT! Contact records

  • Copy data from landing page forms to a Note attached to the lead’s Contact record in ACT!

  • Indicate the last date the Contact submitted a form, and that form name

  • When a Contact becomes a customer in ACT!, mark the Contact as a customer (closed) in HubSpot

  • Launch the Contact’s public link from within ACT!, to see their activity on your site



Other new Keystroke Act! Add-ons include the following, ordered by category

tools4success_mACT! Database Cleanup Software


  • Keystroke Company Deleter
    Need to delete a large number of Company records all at once?  ACT! only lets you delete them one at a time, but with Keystroke Company Deleter you can delete an entire lookup of Companies at once!

  • Delete Secondary Contacts
    Delete Secondary Contacts will allow you to delete all the Secondary Contacts in a database or just the Secondary Contacts belonging to a particular Lookup of Contacts in your database.

  • Keystroke Group Deleter
    Need to delete a large number of Groups all at once?  ACT! only lets you delete them one at a time, but with Keystroke Group Deleter you can delete an entire lookup of Groups at once!

  • Notes2History
    Notes2History will take all of your Notes and put them on the History tab in ACT! by actually converting each Note to a History item.  You'll create a Note activity type and then let Notes2History do the rest.

  • Promote Secondary Contacts
    Promote Secondary Contacts will take all of the Secondary Contacts that belong to the Contacts in a Lookup and Promote them - making them full-blown Contacts instantly.


ACT! Productivity Software




  • Keystroke Klipboard
    If you'd like to be able to very easily copy Contact details and paste them somewhere else with complete flexibility over what details get copied, Copy Clipboard is the tool for you.  It allows you to create a template with the fields that you want, so that with a single click a Contact's fields are copied to the Windows clipboard exactly the way you want them.


ACT! Security




  • Company/Group Limited Access
    Company Group Limited Access allows you to set the access for multiple Companies or Groups all at once instead of record-by-record.  Create a lookup, choose your users and/or teams, click OK and you're done.

  • Company/Group Limited Access Extended Edition
    Company Group Limited Access allows you to set the access for multiple Companies or Groups all at once instead of record-by-record.  Create a lookup, choose your users and/or teams, click OK and you're done.  The Extended Edition gives you the additional options of setting the access for all the Contacts that belong to the Companies and Groups as well as changing the Record Manager of each Company, Group, and Contact.


Free Downloads



  • GUID2Field is a freebie for copying the unique ID of contact records to the User 10 field.
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