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On Canada Day, Keystroke celebrates becoming the Canadian Master Distributor of English ACT

Category: Act!
01 July 2015

Canadian LeafWhat better choice than Canada Day to announce that Keystroke Quality Computing Inc is now the official English Master Distributor of ACT! - the #1 Contact and Customer Manager since 1988.

This deal took several months in the making, but Swiftpage has entrusted us with growing the Canadian ACT! market through software sales, subscriptions, and hosting, while functioning as the channel manager for the other Canadian resellers. Not to toot our horn, but over the last few months Keystroke has emerged as the #1 Reseller of ACT in the world and the fasting growing member of the ACT Hosting Partner Program, so we're confident we'll be up to the task.

What does this mean to our existing customers?
As the Master Distributor of ACT for Canada, we enjoy increased leverage with both Swiftpage and addon vendors to negotiate the best deals for our customers, including exclusive discounts and perks. Stay tuned for announcements on this as Keystroke has already negotiated exclusive benefits for our Canadian customers.

What does this mean to other Canadian ACT Resellers?
Very little. If you've worked with another Canadian ACT reseller in the past, you will continue to do so. Service is at the heart of any reseller relationship, and our new Distributorship status in no way changes that. Your reseller will need to purchase their licensing off of us as the Master Distributor, but that is a transparent detail to the end-user.
US Resellers are unaffected by our distributorship, as they will continue to sell to their Canadian customers and purchase the licensing from Swiftpage as they always have.

How does this change the Canadian ACT! Hosting options?
Keystroke is already the only member of the ACT Hosting Provider Program (HPP) in Canada, and as such we'll become Swiftpage's strategic hosting partner for Canadians interested in hosting their ACT data.

How will this affect the ACT market in Canada?
Plenty! Keystroke has already been adding to our sales staff in preparation for this announcement, and our marketing efforts will be the most this product has ever seen in this country. We intend to raise the profile, the visibility, and the understanding of the ACT product as the only CRM product on the market that offers true offline and online options for the public and private sector.

We've already invested heavily in escalating our hosting, training, sales, support, and development teams to better server our customers over the last year as we've grown to become the #1 ACT reseller on the planet, and our customers can expect increased momentum in this regard as more resellers across North America join our team.

As Canada Day is a holiday for most of us in Canada, we'll keep this announcement short, but please note that our American offices are open today for our customers across North America. For sales, please dial Toll Free at 1-800-857-0558 and hit extension 311 for sales or extension 325 for service (please note our US service department is located on the Pacific coast, which opens at noon EST).

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Delivering fruitful CRM solutions since 1994, Keystroke is the #1 Act! Reseller in the World and Master Act! Distributor for Canada.

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